Whether you are looking for a company to create the packaging for your product, or you want to custom brand your product, there are plenty of companies that can help you achieve your goals.

Handwritten Notes Show Customers You Care

Whether you are sending a thank you note, following up with an order or following up on an order, handwritten notes help you build a stronger relationship with your customers. They create an emotional connection and make them feel special. They also increase the chances of customers returning to your business.

Handwritten notes are the oldest form of customer retention, and they’re the best way to boost customer loyalty. Unlike electronic notes, handwritten notes last longer, and they create a more personal feel.

Customers want to feel connected to brands. They want to feel like they’re getting special treatment, and they want to have a memorable experience. Using handwritten notes will help you build a more personal bond with your customers, which will result in more sales.

While mailed handwritten notes are costly and time-consuming, they’re still an excellent way to keep customers coming back. They’re also a great way to keep the relationship fresh and keep your brand front-of-mind. Handwritten notes also increase the odds of customers sharing your note on social media.

The best way to make your handwritten notes more effective is to be consistent. Your company should develop a routine for expressing thanks, and pay attention to why you’re expressing thanks. This can help your company achieve high marks.

Handwritten notes also help customers learn more about your product or service. Customers who don’t understand how to use a product are less likely to buy it again. Handwritten notes are also a great way to ask for reviews. Most customers ignore requests for reviews without personalization. However, the best time to ask for reviews is right after a purchase.

Handwritten notes are also a great way for your business to stand out in a crowded marketplace. They’re an unexpected contact, and they can help put a smile on your customer’s face.

Packaging Inserts Serve As Reading Material For A Brand

Having custom boxes inserted can be a key part of your brand’s marketing plan. This marketing tool can help you stand out from the crowd, snag a few more eyeballs and, most importantly, encourage repeat business. They’re also useful in a pinch, like when you need to send a special gift to a special person.

In the age of e-commerce, it’s easy to forget that physical product packaging can still help you outshine your competition. For example, a well-designed package insert can help you communicate directly with your customers and get them to take the appropriate action. While you might not be able to give your customers a physical gift, you can certainly show them that you care through a handwritten note or another small touch.

The best packaging inserts should be able to do two things: give customers a small sample of your product and deliver a message. This could be anything from a brief description of the product, to a reminder of a promotion or special discount you’re running. They could also include small gifts like a branded sticker or low-cost branded items. If you can keep your customer’s attention long enough, you may even get them to take the time to make a purchase.

Packaging inserts can also be used to promote other products from your Amazon storefront. This is especially useful if you sell multiple products. It’s also a good idea to give customers a small discount on their next order. That’s the best kind of reward, and it’s also a great way to remind them of your company.

The most important part of the packaging insert is actually getting your customers to do the right thing, whether that be a purchase or something else. Fortunately, this isn’t too hard to do, especially if you use the right marketing tools.


Adding your brand to packaging is a great way to promote your product. Custom packaging often comes in unique shapes and colors, making it an effective marketing tool. Packaging is also a powerful way to enhance the unboxing experience for your customers. A box that’s unique from your competitors can attract your target audience and compel them to buy your product.

These companies will work with you to design customized packaging for your product. They can also help you brand your product with custom labels, rubber stamps, and tape. They can also add custom finishing to your product.

You can work with Pakible to create a custom logo for your product. They can also print your logo on the packaging. They offer an online quote tool. You can also track your order in real-time. They also offer a wide variety of products to choose from. They also offer an accommodating return policy. You can create your packaging online with their 3D design studio. They also offer a free sample of your final product.

Oxo packaging lets you choose the materials and sizes for your custom packaging. The cost of your boxes will depend on the material, size, and quantity you order. You will also need to submit a dieline and a sample of your product. They will then contact you with price estimates. You can also use their live chat to help you determine the dimensions of your box.

BuyBoxes offers a white or kraft finish for your box. You can also add a custom sleeve or wrap the box with gold foil. They also have Rush shipping options for faster turnaround time. They also offer free pre-made patterns.


ePlastics is a plastic recycling company that can help you customize your packaging and brand your product. They will also ship you quality material. However, there are a few things you should know before ordering.

The ePlastics website has an FAQ section, which answers many of your questions. They also have a Shipping Method Guide that provides information on shipping methods. However, if you have questions about a particular method of shipment, you should contact ePlastics before placing your order.

ePlastics will provide you with a Resale Certificate at the time of purchase. This certificate will allow ePlastics to identify your materials when they arrive at their facility. It will also allow you to file a refund when you prepare your monthly BOE sales tax filing. However, ePlastics is not responsible for any delays due to incorrect shipping methods.

The ePlastics website features a shopping cart, which lets you choose your materials and quantities. You can also use the Qty box to enter specific instructions for cutting. If you choose to purchase a product with a straight-line cutting rate, you will need to input your measurements. This is the most efficient method for calculating your quantity, as it allows ePlastics to cut your materials into the exact size you request.

The ePlastics site also has a Shopping Cart Widget, which allows you to add products to your cart without leaving the site. This is especially helpful if you have a large number of products to purchase. It can be used to compare prices and verify product descriptions.

When ordering, you will need to input your credit card information, as ePlastics will not process your order if you don’t have a card on file. In addition, you will need to choose a shipping method that matches your final package size.


iStockPhoto is one of the world’s leading destinations for professional stock photography. Whether you’re looking for photos, videos or vector files, iStock provides a variety of content to suit your design needs. The site offers a variety of options for licensing and resale of content.

The standard license allows you to use content in a variety of ways. This includes product packaging, websites, advertising, and apps. You also have the option of purchasing an extended license, which gives you additional rights. However, you may have to pay an extra license fee. This can be useful for situations where you need an image for a single use.

The iStock licensing agreement explains how you can use content that’s licensed through iStock. It’s important to review the license before using content. This agreement will apply to all content licensed through iStock.

You may download content for a variety of uses, but iStock does not guarantee that it will be compatible with your needs. If you have any questions about the licensing agreement, you can contact iStock’s customer service. iStock may cancel your license if you do not comply with any of the terms in the license. You must also notify iStock if you have an unauthorized use of content. In the event that you do have an unauthorized use, iStock will reimburse you for the costs associated with legal proceedings.

There are two types of iStock licenses. The standard license allows you to use content in any way you choose, and there’s also an unlimited reproduction license. The standard license is available for print runs of up to 500,000 copies. However, this license may not be valid for some high-value design efforts, such as large-scale print jobs or brand identity assets.


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