10 Incredible Custom Packaging Transformations

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging is a crucial part of your business. Custom packing transformations are a way to show off our creativity and make your product stand out. Here are 10 incredible transformations from around the world. These 10 transformations are amazing. From the humble to the luxurious, these packaging solutions are truly impressive.

Corrugated fiberboard as Custom Packaging 

Let’s face it; cardboard packaging isn’t always the most exciting packaging. When you’re looking for a product to put your business name on. Or trying to get your product into the hands of someone who might not have a lot of disposable income. They could be turned off by something fancy-looking; a corrugated fiberboard is a great option. This common packaging material comes in various colors and thicknesses. Which allows for customization and differentiation. It’s strong enough to hold up under normal conditions and bendable enough to get through smaller gates if there is a need.

And because it’s all about paper, there’s no need for extra components or printing. It just looks like paper. Corrugated fiberboard is also recyclable. It means that not only will your customers benefit from this package design. Because they don’t have to deal with another thing on their hands.

Stacked as Custom Packaging 

It is the most common type of custom cardboard packaging. It’s also the most economical option. Because you can reuse your current cardboard box. Stacking is a great way to package a product that’s small in size and light in weight. These custom packaging are usually ideal for small products to fit inside a single box. You can pile the boxes on top of each other and add extra packing material, like bubble wrap or crump newspaper, to prevent any damage from occurring during transit.


Boxed packaging is the most common type of custom cardboard packaging. It comes in a sturdy box to hold your product and protect it from damage. It is the most familiar type of packaging. Because it is easy to ship and can be used to send many products. Boxing your product is the most traditional way to ship it. Boxes are easy to use and cheap. They’ll ensure that your product is safe from any damage in transit. You can make boxes of cardboard, plastic, or even corrugated paper.

They’re usually rectangular or square, so they’re easier to identify than cylindrical containers (like barrels). Boxes generally come with small handles on top that allow you to lift them yourself.


Trunked is a cardboard packaging that combines the two main components of a trunk—the box and the lid—into one material. The box is usually made from corrugated cardboard or another rigid material. And the lid comes from another material (such as plastic) that covers the entire surface area of the box. This custom packing is ideal to use for many different purposes. But it’s most often used to transport products across the country.


Embossed cardboard is a decorative way to add a 3D look to your packaging. The cardboard is embossed with a pattern of raised lines, which gives the cardboard a three-dimensional look. This box is ideal for products that are not too heavy or bulky, like toilet paper or rolls of paper towels.


Folded cardboard is a great option for packaging smaller and lighter products than boxes. It is also a good choice for packaging items that don’t need full protection from moisture or other elements of the environment. If you’re looking to package food products, this packaging will help protect your food product from becoming stale or during shipping.


Paperboard is the most common style of custom packaging sleeves. It consists of a thin layer of paper between two layers of cardboard. Because it’s so thin, paperboard is very fragile, so it’s usually good for smaller packages like greeting cards or small boxes. It’s also great for shipping because it’s light, which helps with shipping costs. It’s not recommended for shipments that will be opened regularly since the paper can disintegrate over time.

Honeycomb cardboard

Honeycomb cardboard is a kind of cardboard with a honeycomb structure. It comes from wood pulp, which turns into a honeycomb with many holes. You can use this packaging material to pack various food, medicine, cosmetics, etc. But make sure to take the help of a wholesale packaging supplier for this kind of packaging.

This type is ideal for fragile products that need protection from the elements during shipping. It’s also cheaper than other types of custom cardboard packaging. So, for something that will save you cash without sacrificing quality, this might be the best option.

Grey cardboard

Grey cardboard is the most common type of cardboard packaging, and it’s also one of the safest. Grey cardboard is all about paper products, meaning it’s 100% recyclable. Because it has recyclable materials, grey cardboard doesn’t contribute to plastic pollution or global warming. Plus, it is durable and can hold various products, from books to food items. It’s also a great choice for protecting your product during shipping due to its resilience and strength.


Matboard is a type of cardboard that is all eco. It is similar to cardboard but has a smooth surface rather than a rough texture. It is an excellent material for the custom boxes due to its durability and strength. The term “matboard” can also refer to the material itself. But when referring to custom packing, it means that it is eco. You can use it for constructing posters and signs, creating packaging products, and more. Matboard is strong and durable, making it perfect for securely holding items while still looking elegant and professional.

Bottom Line

So, there you have it. We hope that you’ve found our article on the incredible custom packaging transformation useful.

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