3 Ways to Search for Text in Your Google Photos Pictures

3 Ways to Search for Text in Your Google Photos Pictures

Photos are great because they help us remember important events and people in our lives, but sometimes we need to look back at something specific that was written or said in one of our pictures. Fortunately, Google Photos makes this easy, allowing you to search the text within your pictures from the Google Photos app on your phone or through their website. This tutorial will show you how to do this using both methods.

1) Isolate Your Photo From The Background

One way to search for text in your Google Photos pictures is to isolate your photo from the background. This can be done by selecting the picture with the Instant Markup tool, then clicking on the Isolate button in the top toolbar.

Once you’ve isolated your photo, you can use the eraser tool to remove any unwanted background clutter. This will help make it easier for you to find text that may be hidden in your picture. You Can Use The Magnifying Glass Tool: Another option is to use the magnifying glass tool. Clicking on this tool allows you to enlarge and zoom into a particular area of your photo, giving you a closer look at any text that may be present.

To further refine what part of the image you want to magnify, click and drag over an area of interest before zooming in using the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons.

When you’re finished looking around, double-click anywhere outside the magnified area to go back to full-screen mode. You Can Copy & Paste Text From An Image Into A Word Document: Lastly, if there’s text in your Google Photos picture that you need but don’t have time (or the patience) to find manually, try copying and pasting it directly into a word document. To do this, first select one photo with the text you want to copy.

Then select the Share button at the bottom right corner of your screen (or press Command+E). Select Copy Text, then open up Microsoft Word and paste in the copied text where desired! If you ever want to return to your original picture, simply repeat these steps with another photo. It’s also worth noting that some images may have both textual content and an audio track.

For example, when I took a screenshot of my phone while watching Lost on Netflix, I found that not only was there text dialogue in the screenshot, but also subtitles along the bottom as well as music playing softly in the background – all of which would be useful information for me to know when going through my search results!

 2) Select An Area Of Interest

If you’ve ever wanted to search for a specific word or phrase in your Google Photos pictures, you’re in luck. There are three different ways you can do this: by using the search bar, by using keywords, or by using albums. To use the search bar on the top of your screen, type in what you want to find and then click Search.

To use keywords, open up an album and then click on Keywords at the top of your screen. You will see a list of every photo that has that keyword tagged to it. Lastly, if you have made an album and want to filter through those photos only, click on Albums at the top of your screen and select Add Keyword. Then type in what you want it tagged with and click save! When looking for text within your albums, you can either add tags or filters.

A tag is a word that describes something about the picture such as landscape or my mom while a filter is when you specify what kind of content to show such as text messages or not blurry. Once again, once you have created your desired tags and filters they will be saved until you delete them which makes searching for photos very easy going forward.

3) Copy and Paste the Text Into A Word Document

If you’ve ever needed to find a specific photo but couldn’t remember when or where you took it, you know how frustrating it can be. Luckily, there are a few different ways you can search for text in your Google Photos pictures.

First, copy and paste the text into a word document. Then go back to your photos and look for the words on their own, not within any of the other captions.

Second, if you have lots of photos with similar captions (say all selfies), highlight the caption box at the top of the screen and use Ctrl+F to search through all of them at once by typing what you’re looking for in the box that pops up after pressing Ctrl+F on Windows or Cmd+F on Macs.

Third, open up an individual photo by clicking on it from within your albums and then use Ctrl+F again while that photo is open to type what you’re looking for next to search this album. You’ll need to do this separately for each individual photo.

You might also want to check out the All Visible Captions button below the toolbar on desktop or More Captions under Albums on mobile if you don’t want to bother searching through one picture at a time. Happy searching!

There are lots of great reasons to use Google Photos: saving space on your phone, making sure your memories aren’t lost forever, having access to an unlimited storage area. But sometimes remembering whether you already uploaded a particular photograph—or finding it later—can be more trouble than its worth.

However, if you frequently upload new photos or add multiple captions for existing ones and don’t have enough memory to store them all at once (or just can’t stand hunting around in folders trying to locate exactly which ones those are), sometimes remembering whether you already uploaded a particular photograph—or finding it later—can be more trouble than its worth.

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