4 Preventive Measures You Need To Do To Avoid Tick And Fleas

Ticks and fleas are the far most common and hassle pests to deal with. They may be small, but they are super mischievous and hazardous to the environment and to your pet’s health. Avoiding ticks and fleas has been a big challenge and struggle for most pet parents, and undeniably speaking, it takes more than just a one-time bath and one-time cleaning. Eliminating these pests from your dog’s body requires more than just a one-time action; it requires consistency and awareness of what you are doing. If you’re worried about your dog being infested with fleas, here are preventive measures you can take to avoid it.

  • Keep your environment clean.

A clean environment is a healthy environment. Whether it may be outdoors or indoors, keeping your environment clean is such an easy and effective way to keep out pests. When flea eggs are laid, it can multiply at a range of 100 per day, and that is why constant cleaning is such an important part of the preventive measures. This involves cleaning your dog’s bedding and other areas in your home where your dog usually stays, like your couch, curtains, and carpets. 

Along with keeping your house clean and free from ticks, most of these pests are acquired outdoors, and that is why it is very crucial for you to keep your yard as clean as possible, or else the problem will never be solved. Mowing your yard regularly, raking leaves, and removing excess bush will help alleviate areas for fleas to nest. 

  • Check your Pet Regularly

Inspecting your dog after a long walk outdoors or a hike is a very necessary thing to do. Especially when you take a stroll over nature, pests like fleas and ticks normally come from such an environment. Ticks usually thrive around heavy bushes, tall grasses, and areas with decomposed leaves; they are also most likely to live in a damp and warm environment. Once these pests latch themselves onto their host, it takes about 24 hours for them to transmit diseases, making it a valid reason to remove ticks as soon as possible. 

  • Vaccinations

Dogs require different vaccinations in order for their bodies to fully protect themselves from different diseases. These vaccinations give more advantages to your dog’s health than you can imagine. If you want a long-term preventive measure, getting your dog their regular vaccinations is really a must as it not only protects their coats, skin, and fur from ticks and fleas, it also protects their immune system making them more protected from diseases. 

  • Regular checkups

Most pet owners misunderstand vet visits as something they should only do when their dog is fatally sick, and there’s nothing in their power to make it better. However, let me convince you otherwise. Vet visits are a really necessary thing for you to do when you own a pet as it is not only a great preventive measure for ticks and fleas, but it can also help you identify different diseases your dog may have contracted outside and get immediate action for that concern. Regular checkups will also help you navigate and monitor your dog’s health which will give you a greater advantage in knowing how to properly take care of your dog. 



These pests can cause serious health problems for your dog and you. It can affect not only your dog’s health but your way of living too. You may not know it, but if this issue is left unsolved, there could be a big chance that hundreds of eggs and larvae have already been nested around your home. So with that being said, prevention is really the key.



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