7 proven business growth strategies that work well

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You do n’t need to be a billion bone global brand to muscle request share down from your challengers. What you need is an impregnable business growth strategy.

Of course, with growth comes threat. So, truly successful businesses infrequently calculate on a single plan of action. rather, they combine multiple growth strategies to win, including request development, dislocation, product expansion, channel expansion, strategic hookups, accessions, and organic growth.

Read on to learn seven of the most effective business growth strategies that brands use to trip the competition.

 What makes a business growth strategy effective?

Before we look at specific growth strategies, let’s talk about some high- position principles regarding what makes any growth strategy effective. 

First and foremost, you need to have a clear grasp on your brand identity and DNA. You also need to know your strengths, positioning, and isolation.

Growth comes from a grim focus on your core capabilities. Walmart is a high illustration of this. By delivering the smallest prices for guests, they ’ve created stratospheric growth.

Alternate, deep follower ship sapience is pivotal for any successful business growth strategy. You must know your guests ’ pain points and solicitations, and satisfy their requirements better than your challengers. As a result, you ’ll make client fidelity and further word- of- mouth( WOM) referrals.

And, most importantly, growth marketing requires deftness. You ’ll clearly need to pivot in small ways, similar as changing marketing tactics to match current trends or client geste . But, you also might need to make large scale changes to achieve growth objects.

For illustration, Shopify started out dealing snowboard outfit, but eventually realized they were more at creating ecommerce software. A amenability to change in both small and large ways can significantly accelerate business growth.

 Types of business growth strategies

Traditionally there have been four major business growth strategies. still, I expanded on the being frame to include a many further. So, then are seven specific types of business growth strategies that you can use to fuel growth for your brand.

 1. request development( request penetration)

request penetration strategy( or request development) is a business growth strategy in which you essay to vend your being products into untapped requests. This involves relating new requests that would be a good fit for your current product line.

request development is a common growth strategy because it allows you to move beyond your living guests. As a result, you ’ll expand your share of the request. This type of segmentation may involve targeting a new assiduity, new demographic, new commercial department(e.g., going from HR to finance), or new geographical position.

Bain & Company studied growth- driving moves by,850 companies to determine how successful companies achieve sustainable, profitable growth. Then’s what their exploration revealed

Facebook is an egregious illustration of using request development as a business growth strategy.

They started as a product accessible only to Harvard University scholars. From there, they expanded to include Stanford, Columbia, and Yale. Next they opened the platform to all Ivy League and a number of Boston- area seminaries. also, they expanded access to sodalities around theU.S. and Canada.

Facebook has since expanded into numerous different cult beyond the original focus on sodalities.

 2. request dislocation

request dislocation involves coming into a well- established assiduity that’s generally dominated by a many heritage brands and pacing to do effects fully else than everyone differently. There are a number of ways you can potentially disrupt a request, including


  •  Using a fully different business model, as numerous DTC brands have done
  •  exercising inventions, similar as when Salesforce offered a completely pall- grounded CRM
  •  Offering significantly cheaper or better quality products
  •  Furnishing commodity completely new, similar as Slack replacing traditional dispatch


suppose of how Dollar Shave Club disintegrated the manly razor request with a direct to consumer model. In a sign of cession, Unilever acquired them roughly five times latterly for$ 1 billion.

 3. Product expansion or diversification

Developing new products or adding new features to being bones can be a largely effective business growth strategy. Product development opens your brand up to new cult who were n’t interested in your brand ahead.

Semrush is an illustration of a company that started with a rudimentary SEO and paid hunt platform.

The company launched new features over the times, and it’s now a comprehensive software suite. Although the target followership noway changed, new functionality appealed to a wider member of that followership.

This business growth strategy worked well for Semrush which has a current request capitalization of further than$2.7 billion.

4. New channels

New distribution channels rank among the top 10 business strategies for growth because they propel profit growth without any product changes. Ecommerce businesses like Allbirds have increased profit by also growing their slipup- and- mortar presence. Whereas Allbirds was simply online in the morning, they presently boast 29 real- world stores.

occasionally, one company’s identification of a new distribution channel can spark a riffle of change throughout the assiduity. Take Salesforce. They introduced the idea of pall- grounded, subscription software in an assiduity dominated by large, precious, complex enterprise software taking an army of professional service reps to get it to work. Salesforce went on to grow fleetly, and moment it’s a$ 21 billion reality. The software assiduity converted, and moment is fully filled with other SaaS immolations.

 5. Strategic hookups

Strategic hookups with other brands can induce growth that else would n’t be possible. For illustration, if you mate with a company that offers a product or service that complements yours, you get access to their followership, andvice-versa. You also admit referrals from your strategic mate and benefit from the goodwill erected up around their brand.

An illustration of a strategic cooperation that worked well is the one between Lyft and Taco Bell. Lyft offered Taco Bell delivery service to its guests, in which a Lyft passenger could request amid-trip stop at a original Taco Bell( “ Taco Mode ”) with a simple valve within the Lyft app. The cooperation led to free hype for both companies and an increase in deals for Taco Bell.

Strategic hookups can also concentrate on an bettered or unique product. formerly again, looking at Taco Bell, a cooperation with Doritos redounded in the creation of the Doritos Locos Taco. To say it was a massive megahit is an understatement. Within the first 18 months of the new product launch, Doritos Locos Taco deals surpassed$ 1 billion.

 6. Accessions

 maybe the most egregious way to grow is through accessions. Accessions are generally only a feasible growth strategy if you have significant cash inflow and debt capacity available.
 Accessions have several distinct advantages. They allow you to reduce competition by acquiring direct challengers. They allow you to gain access to personal technology that would take significant time and plutocrat to develop yourself. And they give you access to the acquired company’s client base.
 Among the colorful business growth strategies, rollups are one of the most effective and dependable.
 A rollup involves accession of multiple lower companies in the same request. The end is to achieve lesser cost savings and edge through husbandry of scale.
 Alera Group, an hand benefits and HR results company, is one illustration of this. They grew to,700 workers substantially through a continual sluice of accessions.

 7. Organic growth

 Out of all the business growth strategies, organic growth is by far the ideal. It means you ’re suitable to goad growth without the reliance on combinations and accessions. As for your marketing strategy, it means you ’re growing without the need for advertising, where once you stop spending, you stop growing.
 Largely through organic growth, a home goods incipiency in a$ 29 billion request went from zero to a 3 request share within 5 times. Organic hunt was a major factor in the rapid-fire growth, with the incipiency attracting4.1 million organic visits to its website each time.
 With organic growth, your client accession cost is lower, your return on marketing spend is advanced, and it puts you on a amicable upward line. The further organic growth you can achieve, the less you have to spend on marketing and the more you can invest in farther developing your brand, developing new products, and delighting your guests.

Combine business growth strategies to win

Klarna is dismembering the online payments request by enforcing several growth strategies in business contemporaneously.


The fintech company, innovated in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden, enables consumers to make product purchases without full payment at checkout. Rather than pay in full, shoppers can divide their payments into four interest- figure inaugurations, pay the full quantum within 30 days, or extend payment up to three times. The result is a 45 increase in average order value from shoppers paying with flexible inaugurations.


Klarna has also been concentrated on geographical expansion, entering new requests across Europe and eventually theU.S. moment, Klarna delivers flexible purchase options to 90 million consumers across,000 merchandisers in 17 countries. further than 2 million deals are reused encyclopedically through Klarna technology daily.
 There are a variety of business growth strategies that are effective. By combining multiple strategies, companies like Klarna are suitable to forge massive growth in a short period of time.
 Utmost companies, like Klarna, strive for growth. The challenge, of course, is knowing which strategies will be most successful for your company and how to effectively execute on that plan.

factors of a successful business growth strategy

 So how do you execute a successful business growth strategy? Let’s look at the most critical rudiments.

 Conduct request exploration

 No matter which growth strategies you apply, start with request exploration. Research gives you sapience into your current guests as well as implicit new business from untapped requests. This step reveals trends, growth openings, and implicit walls to entry that could limit your success in a new request.
 Followership exploration helps you tap into new areas of your current request, as well as new followership parts that could profit from your immolations. You ’ll uncover precious perceptivity about buying geste
 and product preferences in addition to the channels they use most constantly. Use this data to inform your client accession sweats and broader marketing strategy.
 Competitive exploration highlights your positioning relative to challengers in your current request. It also identifies request share leaders in new areas so you can assess their vulnerabilities and subsidize on openings.
 Eventually, keyword exploration helps you understand how your followership thinks. It reveals what your being and implicit guests search for as they move through the client trip. You can use the data from keyword exploration to produce a content strategy, identify motifs they watch about, and draft the right experience for each client touchpoint along the trip.

 Establish growth pretensions

 Once you have a clear understanding of your current request as well as where you want to grow( new requests or being requests), you can also establish specific growth pretensions. pretensions are crucial to any growth strategy because they drive the conduct that lead to success.
 All growth pretensions should be measurable, and quantitative pretensions should be time- bound with deadlines.
 By establishing clear pretensions, you can measure your success and optimize your conditioning over time. You can acclimate your strategy as necessary in order to insure the achievement of your growth objects.

 Determine your growth strategy

 After you set growth pretensions, decide which growth strategy you ’ll apply to acquire new guests and achieve your pretensions.
 Will you target organic growth, or use an accession strategy? Alternately, you might combine several strategies to achieve your pretensions. It’s obviously more complex to apply multiple business growth strategies. But, as we saw with Klarna, it’s clearly a system to maximize your results.
 The strategy or strategies you choose will depend on a variety of factors, including your budget, pretensions, openings, competition, timelines, and calculated request share targets.
 still, you may need to calculate on request dislocation strategies, If you ’re a incipiency entering an formerly crowded request. Or, if you ’re a large retailer with a massive budget and you need immediate short- term earnings, you could use strategic hookups.
Still, if you seek long- term organic growth, you ’ll need to invest in SEO and content marketing.

 produce your prosecution plan

 Your prosecution plan contains the nitty- gritty details of your growth strategy. It’s the concrete conduct you ’re going to take to make your growth strategy a reality. For illustration, if you ’re going to use accessions as a growth strategy, define the specific gaps you ’re aiming to fill or the new followership parts you ’re trying to capture.
 Do n’t be vague with your prosecution plan. Spell out all the details of your growth strategy so that you and your platoon members know what needs to be executed, when it needs to be done, and how it’ll be achieved. All of this planning creates responsibility and helps insure that you hit your intended growth pretensions more reliably.

 Examiner and measure success

 Once you have established your growth strategy and have started executing it, regularly measure the crucial criteria that indicate your progress toward achieving your pretensions. The criteria you choose should be nearly tied to your overall growth pretensions, not vanity criteria that have no real- world comportments on factual results.
 For illustration, if your thing is to increase profit for a particular business line by 20 within two times through a geographic expansion strategy, the size of your social media following is n’t going to be the stylish metric to track. Rather, you might want to track position-specific criteria , along with point business and conversion criteria from business sourced from your newest regions.

 Optimize business growth strategies for what’s working

The more you cover and measure your growth sweats, the more you ’ll begin to see which corridor of your prosecution plan are producing results and which are n’t. still, twice down on it, If commodity is working particularly well.However, try to make corrective adaptations, If a particular tactic is n’t effective. Consider rotating if that does n’t work.
 Indeed though you ’re making serious investments with any of the business growth strategies listed above, there needs to be rudiments of inflexibility in your approach. You may discover that certain growth sweats simply do n’t affect in sufficient request traction. maybe a new geographical focus is lacking product- request fit, whereas a different position may produce the firstly asked results rather. Or, if you ’re an online business that’s now opening slipup and mortar stores, accelerate the pace of your new store openings if you see positive results from your original set of stores.
 Continually optimize the conditioning of your business growth strategies, and you ’re bound to come out ahead in the end.
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