About telegram premium

About telegram premium – Telegram premium(Telegram高级版) is a program we created to reward users who use the service for a long time. The telegram program is free and open to all telegraph users, but if you want to get the benefits of the telegram advanced program, you need to be an active user – which means sending and receiving messages often.

What is telegraph premium?

Telegram premium is a function called vault, which can protect your information from disclosure. Vault can even protect your certificate and password information. We will teach you how to enable and use this function here, and bring a lot of content about it.

Telegram advanced edition can help you use telegram safely because it has its own real-time data acquisition and analysis layer.

Telegram premium is a paid subscription that allows you to:

-Send up to 1.5GB files

-Send messages up to 10000 characters

-A super group of up to 1000 people and a channel of up to 5000 members

-Use the send and receive photos feature for all chats

What features does telegram premium offer?

In the advanced version of the telegram, you can not only enter the setting and reconfiguration through my account center but also have four independent submenus.

Telegram inquiry door: where can I find an AI assistant?

Reply to “cheers” to start a game – switch back and forth the list of friends!

What is the way I want to save my voice in a folder?

Functions available

Available functions:

Anti-spam filters, voice, and video calls, group chat with up to 200 people, customized robots, etc.

How do I start using this feature?

Telegram Advanced Edition provides some additional functions to make your experience of using telegram(注册Telegram) more perfect. If you don’t know how to start, please see below.

How do I start using this feature?

First, open the “tools” bar in the image-sharing application example.

Select the “Settings” tab, and then click the words “account nickname (required)”. Then open the account nickname icon in the news and check whether there are repeated numbers, letters, and upper and lower case letters from left to right. Considering that the words (1) outlined in the previous tab are displayed normally.

This is just the beginning

Telegram advanced edition is a new function of the telegram, which allows users to enjoy more convenience in daily communication.

Another special advantage of the telegram advanced edition is that it can provide valuable information to others. This is because you can lock it at any time without a password, and then directly click “+” and spread information to others. At the same time, this update is just the beginning. We will continue to bring more improvements.


In general, telegram premium is a way to make full use of telegram: faster loading, higher quality stickers and emoticons, and no advertising.

What is included?

-Beautiful and fast: the telegram will be loaded as fast as your connection speed allows. It uses as little data as possible without affecting speed.

-Best quality: Telegram’s new high-quality photo stickers work even on low bandwidth connections.

-No advertisements: with telegram premium, you will never see advertisements again!

We hope that today’s article has answered some of your questions about telegrams and a higher version As always, we will listen to users’ opinions and continue to improve the telegraph application based on your feedback.

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