Best Forklift Attachments To Improve Fleet Productivity

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Forklift truck attachments are necessary to maximise your productivity and the capabilities of your forklift. These are essential in material handling, you can move some loads with them. Unfortunately, attachments are frequently disregarded, resulting in poorly planned operations and severe damage to goods or personal injury.

You can convert a standard forklift into specialised equipment in a few minutes. On the market, there are numerous forklift attachment configurations and designs. Here are some of the best forklift attachments to improve fleet productivity.

1. Fork Extensions

Fork extension sleeves are simple. However, effective technique for handling lengthy and awkward loads that extend over the tips of the parent fork arm.


– Provides stability and safe handling of a variety of loads.

– Maintain truck manoeuvrability under typical situations.

Industries include:

– Storage facilities

– Shops

– Shipping

– Manufacturing facilities

2. Fork Positioners

Material handling operations are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Fork Positioners allow forklift forks to be in position hydraulically, with oil provided by the forklift motor’s hydraulic system. They are especially beneficial when the breadth of the load changes often. Thus, allowing the operator to quickly align forks with pallets for more efficient handling.

With increased handling capability, these forklift accessories boost the versatility and profitability of every forklift vehicle.


– Boost productivity

– There is no manual fork adjustment.

– Reduced pallet damage

– Enhanced load handling times

3. Push-Pull Attachments

The Push Pull attachments allow for the movement of loads using low-cost, space-saving slip sheets made of plastic or cardboard. This low-cost option aids in increasing delivery volume. The attachment is attached to a standard forklift motor and can be quickly detached to resume pallet handling. This forklift attachment is powered and fed with oil from the forklift truck’s hydraulic system. The self-supporting scissor system provides good visibility through the attachment due to its sturdy design.


– Fast removal and installation; no forks required

– Slip sheets provide easier handling of products.

– Slip sheets help to reduce container weight.

– There are fork-mounted units available. You can remove it in minutes and use it as a standard FLT.

– Excellent residual capacity

– Forks of various lengths are available.

– Multi-fork pushers are available upon request.

– It can go well with other attachments like side shifters.

4. Sideshifter

Side Shifters allow you to shift a load from side to side. Thus, allowing you to make minor adjustments to the pallet’s alignment without moving the entire forklift.

Side shifters are available in hook-on or integrated forms, and they aid in saving time and boosting manoeuvrability. In addition, because of their sturdy design for heavy-duty operation and greater visibility, they are applicable in various applications.


– reduced fuel and pallet damage

– faster pallet loading

– improved warehouse space utilisation

Industries include:

– Agriculture

– Paper handling

– Construction

– Food and beverage

5. Forklift clamps

There are a variety of various forklift clamps available, such as-

  • Appliance clamps, which can be swinging or rigid. These clamps aid in transporting and stacking items without the need for pallets. These clamps can safely move items such as televisions, refrigerators, and washing machines. They, like other attachments, can fit with side shifters.
  • Harbour clamps are useful for port operations where a tabor clamp attachment is available. You can also combine these clamps with side shifters in a port setting.
  • Drum clamps are hydraulically operated and come in various configurations to handle one to four drums. These clamps are also used for pouring and tipping drums. In addition, these clamps are frequently used in the petroleum business.
  • Cement pipe clamps are mostly used with heavy trucks to transport and store cement pipes. Most clamps include a built-in safety device that measures the pressure in the pipes. It prevents harm to the load and membrane.
  • Brick and block clamps are three-pronged fork clamp attachments typically used for transporting bricks and concrete blocks.
  • Timber clamps move logs of wood. There are two types of log grabs: standard with movable arms and single-arm grabs. The single-armed grab is usually used to hold the load and keep the lumber from rolling away. Timber grabs are mostly utilised in the wood processing and forestry industries.
  • Pole tine clamps are two-way fork clamps with two rods capable of accommodating moving loads such as rollers. In addition, a side thrust is available on some models.

6. Multiple Load Handlers

They can handle a single pallet or hydraulically split the forks to lift, transport, and side shift multiple pallets. This adaptable attachment can manoeuvre through short aisles while increasing efficiency by making fewer visits to complete the task.

Benefits: –

– Doubles pallet handling capacity

– Reduces loading and unloading times

– Reduces the number of truck manoeuvres necessary

Typical industries include bottling, brewing, warehouses, and shipping.

Forklift attachments may turn your forklift truck into a multi-purpose machine that saves time and improve your operations. When acquiring any of these attachments, you must carefully evaluate all elements, such as investment cost, compatibility, and maintenance. Attachments can increase the versatility of forklifts. Ensure you know what safety precautions to follow while using a new attachment.

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