Best NZB indexing websites of 2022 – Get the most out of Usenet!

Best NZB indexing websites of 2022 – Get the most out of Usenet!

Usenet has been around since the early days of the internet, but it still has some life left in it. This article will discuss what makes NZB indexing websites great and how you can find the best NZB indexing website to meet your needs. After reading this, you’ll never be at a loss for where to look when you want new content on Usenet!


One option for a newsreader is NewsHosting. They offer both free and paid access to Usenet’s global network with up to 30 connections and 100 GB/day data cap. Besides having one of the best prices on Usenet, NewsHosting also has an extensive library with over 70,000 TV shows and films indexed along with thousands of music albums available to browse through.

Their flagship software provides all-in-one functionality including bandwidth throttling, RSS feeds from over 150 news sources, and encoding selection for those who don’t need lower quality downloads in order to save space. Like any good website or service provider, NewsHosting also keeps their customers updated with fresh content daily in their community forum. It’s also easy to post new releases there, but more importantly it’s a great place to ask questions and get advice about Usenet.

Plus, they have lots of tutorials for getting started and uploading files which is helpful for beginners. For serious downloaders that want to reach that next level, NewsHosting offers special accounts with the Unlimited plan. That will give you 50 connections instead of just 30 and 120 GB/day instead of 100GB/day. You’ll even get your own FTP account so you can easily upload your files after downloading them via NZB downloaders like SabNZBD+. The annual price for this plan is $69USD ($6 per month) which saves money if you buy a year at once as opposed to paying monthly. It also means that you’ll never run into quotas (unlike other sites).


We’ve got good news for anyone who prefers using Usenet over torrents: there are a number of different NZB indexes you can use to find and download files. We recommend you try Easynews, one of the best NZB indexing websites we found. While they don’t have an unlimited free trial, it’s fairly inexpensive and has a ton of options. For instance, if you’re downloading something in bulk, like with CouchPotato or Sickbeard (see below), then it’s perfect because you can pay a small fee and get downloads in bulk for life.

You also get your own personal client that lets you manage everything from your computer or mobile device which is awesome if your service doesn’t offer this feature already. The only downside? They don’t allow any automated tools or software to be used on their network which means no downloading in bulk for us 🙁

We love how easy Easynews makes things. It takes just two clicks to sign up, but once you’ve done so, the interface is very intuitive and makes browsing through content really easy. We do wish they had a live chat option though since sometimes it’s tough figuring out what’s going on when things go wrong without someone being able to help right away – luckily customer support is available 24/7 via email so at least we know we’ll always be able to get help!


Many are eager to discover what is trending on different groups. Fortunately, there are many options for people to find what they want on Astraweb. Astraweb offers three types of accounts: personal, small business and corporate. All plans offer search capabilities for text strings as well as post date or author restrictions.

For example, a subscriber may decide to look for only posts from 1989 that mention Nelson Mandela in their title. There are additional features that may be added depending on which account is chosen (at a modest additional charge). For instance, for $4.95/month users can subscribe to RSS feeds which will provide them with headlines without having to perform any searches. Additionally, if you’re looking for content about investing in bitcoin mining stocks but don’t know how to say it in Norwegian, you can type bitcoin into the keyword search box and all posts containing this term will appear; including those written in French, Russian or even Urdu!


A quick search for the best newsreader will yield about 100 results, but there is only one that stands head and shoulders above all others: InterMountainNews. This software-as-a-service provider has been delivering its service since 1997, making it one of the oldest providers around. It has a track record of proven performance in both transmission speed and NZB compatibility, which other providers on this list can’t even compare to.

All new users get 30 days free before they need to start paying–enough time to decide if you like it or not. And this is a very friendly price: just $2 per month when you pay yearly. It also provides a robust API for third party use, with many developers relying on it as their primary API.

NZBGeek offers one of the largest libraries of NZBs online today. There are over 400 million articles available through their website – enough content to last you 10 lifetimes! But what’s even better is that they constantly have active members who add new nzbs daily; so much so that no matter what your interests are, chances are you’ll find something perfect for you right here.

Nzbmatrix might be short on features (though they do have quite a few) but what they lack in fancy bells and whistles they make up for with good old-fashioned customer service and reliability.


1.Nzbplanet is a premium provider that hosts some of the best files available on Usenet. The site boasts fast download speeds and a huge selection, with no need for plug-ins or extensions to search for content. Site membership is $10 per month and registration is quick and easy. Nzbplanet also provides advanced search options, such as to find all incomplete downloads, with just one click of a button.

2.NZBMatrix has been in operation since 1999 and offers 15 Gb free storage space with an SSL connection when you register an account on their site. Site pricing ranges from $6-$12 monthly with discounts available for paying up front annually. 3. NZBs’R’Us: As the name suggests, this site deals exclusively with NZBs.

  1. On release day only (Monday), uTorrent generates an RSS feed automatically containing popular releases as they become available on Usenet without any additional setup required by the user; those who use other applications to read RSS feeds can easily add this information to the list of wanted items for their client.
  2. Eztv, another popular newsgroup indexing website, has over 8 million registered users and 25 million posts, allowing users to track down specific postings based on TV show titles or episode numbers–even if it’s not listed under Featured.
  3. Indexers are useful tools that provide a convenient way to find what you’re looking for online–but remember: good old Google will always be your friend!

 Other options (usenet gateway, rss aggregators, .. )

To find more content on usenet (especially if you are a new user), you’ll need to use a service that can provide results. Below are the best NZB search sites in 2019 and their associated pros and cons.

1) Binsearch – This service has been around for decades and is one of the oldest services, but it’s known to have very deep categories. There is no referral system but they have excellent site navigation which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

The biggest downside is that, as it was founded so long ago, some features are not up-to-date with current technology such as mobile support and powerful software for discovering content within directories. Another drawback is that there are two levels of membership: free and pro. If you want full access to all the content available on the site, you will need to upgrade your account from free. Free memberships have limitations on how many searches they can do per day (30), but pro memberships remove these limits. Pros: Very reliable way to find content Cons: Has limited mobile compatibility

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