Best Vehicle for Family of 7 to Buy in 2022 and 2023

GAC Motor All New GS8

Would you like a family SUV that is both spacious and powerful? In 2022, GAC MOTOR has you covered with their new 7-seater SUVs. With plenty of space and performance, these vehicles will easily take you from 2022 into 2023.

GAC Motor All New GS8

GAC Motor’s all-new GS8 SUV is a true showstopper. Its sleek lines and aggressive stance command attention wherever it goes. But it’s not all looks – this SUV is also convenient, with well-defined proportions and a squared-off shape that makes it easy to maneuver. The GAC Motor All New GS8 is a massive SUV that dominates the roads.

Measuring 4,980 mm in length, 1950 mm in width, and 1,780 mm in height, this vehicle is sure to turn heads. But it’s not just about looks – the GS8 also has a powerful engine capable of 400NM torque.

The All New GS8 from GAC Motor is a luxurious car with a simple and elegant interior design. The exterior is sleek and punctuated by a large 14.6-inch smart screen and 7-inch tech cluster. The seats are quilted leather and the second row has a chaise lounge.

The brand-new GAC Motor All New GS8 is loaded with cutting-edge driving aid systems, making it the perfect automobile for individuals who desire the newest and best automotive technology. Another first for every GS8 version, AR-HUD projections necessary driving and navigational information directly into the vehicle’s sight line on the upcoming roadway.

In addition, Smart Pilot seems to be a collection of advanced driving aids that incorporates adaptive cruising maneuverability.

GAC Motor’s 2022 GS8

The GAC Motor GS8 is a sight to behold. Its unique brand-new flying dynamics front grille and Dragon-like Scaled Wings give it a look sure to turn heads. LED headlights add a modern touch, while 19-inch alloy wheels complete its SUV appearance. With dimensions of 4835x1910x1770, it is sure to make a statement on the road.

The GS8 from GAC Motor comprises features like Apple CarPlay, powered front seats, LED headlights, automated wipers, and more. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of a tilt/telescopic steering wheel that’s heated for your comfort.

With large windows and mirrors, you’ll have excellent visibility while driving. GAC Motor’s 360-degree camera is a thoughtful addition that comes in handy when maneuvering tight spaces. It has a decent resolution, making it an excellent tool for drivers.

GAC Motor’s GS8 is a powerful and efficient SUV. It has a 2.0L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine 320T that can output 148 kw of horsepower and 320 Nm of torque. It has a 6-speed transmission and an excellent fuel economy of 9.01 km/L. This SUV is perfect for those who want a vehicle that can handle all terrain and conditions. Lastly, your family’s safety is a top priority. That’s why it has Adaptive cruise control, front airbags, lane departure warning, and a front collision warning.

GAC Motor GN8

Stylish and spacious, the GAC Motor GN8 is a top choice in its class. With a length of 5,066 mm, a width of 1,923 mm, and a height of 1,822 mm, it offers more room than most competitors. And with a wheelbase of 3,000 mm, it provides a smooth ride. It features a spacious 2-2-3 seating arrangement, with heated seats in the second row and a massaging function for added comfort.

You’ll love its stylish diamond-patterned seat stitching, automatic lifting windows, Madrid color scheme, and wraparound design. Its inner seating area is mainly creamy white, with dark wood elements placed throughout for a touch of luxury. Other features include LED headlamps and adaptive mist lights.

Innovative technology meets classic design in GN8’s 10.1-inch smart screen with Bluetooth function and apple car play. Seamlessly integrating a 7-inch liquid crystal display instrument cluster and trip computer, this system provides all of your car’s controls in one place. Everything you need, from dynamic car control to quiet entry and ignition, is at your fingertips. Plus, with a rearview camera and backing detector, you can rest assured that your GN8 is always safe on any road.

GN8 is a comfortable car with a 2.0-liter gas and turbo engine. It has a fuel consumption of 8.9 liters per 100 kilometers and emits 148 horsepower and 320 NM of torque. As safety is a top priority for many car buyers, it’s good to know that GN8 comes equipped with drape side airbags, two frontal airbags, antilock brake systems, and an automatic braking system.


You can never be wrong with any of these three models when finding a family vehicle that perfectly balances performance and space. But that’s not all – there are plenty of other great options. For instance, GAC Motor should be on your radar.

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