Best VPN for China: The Top 5 for 2022

Best VPN for China: The Top 5 for 2022

If you’re an international soccer fan living in China and want to watch the 2022 World Cup, finding the best VPN for China to unblock the tournament (and other geo-restricted content) is crucial. Here are the top five VPNs you should choose from if you want to bypass the Great Firewall of China and catch all of your favorite sports games during the year 2022.

How to stay in touch with family and friends

This is one of the most difficult aspects about living in China. Luckily, with our list, there’s not much difficulty involved. You can make sure to get in touch with those who are important to you from almost anywhere in the world if you have a reliable and trustworthy VPN service provider. No matter where you are or where they are, getting in touch with friends and family back home has never been easier with the advancements made by international technology over the years.

If you’re looking for a VPN provider that will let you stay connected with loved ones during your time in China, take a look at these five providers below. ExpressVPN (Canada) NordVPN (Panama) CyberGhost (Romania) Private Internet Access (US) VyprVPN (Switzerland)

Keep up with the news

Don’t be left out of the discussion! Get a VPN before the event kicks off. Streaming is going to be an international event and it’ll happen on Chinese soil, so you’re not going to want to miss out. Our top three recommendations have proven track records when it comes to delivering quality service at a reasonable price point.

1) NordVPN Known for their reliable connection, NordVPN is one of the more well-known providers in the industry, with over 50+ million customers worldwide. They offer some of the fastest servers as well as 24/7 customer support which will put your mind at ease if you need any help configuring or troubleshooting your device while traveling in China. Their no logs policy means that they never collect data about what you do online, even if you use the internet for things like social media. It’s a good option for those who are looking to protect themselves from cybercriminals or government surveillance.

2) ExpressVPN ExpressVPN has been providing high-quality service since 2012 and has become one of the most reputable services on the market today. With lightning fast speeds and low prices, they are also available on both iOS and Android devices making them ideal for travelers who want to use their phone as their primary means of connecting to the internet. There are plenty of reasons why we recommend this provider, but there are two standouts in particular: firstly, they don’t log your information – ever. And secondly, they offer protection against DNS leaks. ExpressVPN can be installed on up to three devices simultaneously with just one account which makes it perfect for those who travel regularly and share their laptop with friends or family members back home. You can get started right away with a 30 day money back guarantee if you decide that it isn’t right for you!

3) Hotspot Shield When people think of free VPNs they usually think of sluggish connections and sketchy companies asking for personal information upfront. That doesn’t have to be the case though – take Hotspot Shield for example. They’ve been around since 2008 and have been fighting for net neutrality, privacy rights, and against censorship. In fact, they were sued by FBI Director James Comey for providing strong encryption that prevented law enforcement from accessing critical information during investigations. But all of this experience has allowed them to provide a secure service without sacrificing speed or reliability.

Bypass geo-blocking

China is the most recent country to restrict the internet. As one of the strongest economies in the world, this nation has a history of shutting down anything it deems threatening to its internal affairs. To get around these restrictions, you can use a VPN service to change your digital location and access websites that are blocked in China.

Some advantages to using a VPN service while visiting or living in China include being able to access geo-restricted content like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and more. You also won’t be exposed when logging on through unsecured networks. These services will encrypt all data leaving your device and prevent attackers from stealing passwords or credit card information.

The top five VPNs for China are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Private Internet Access (PIA), IPVanish, and LiquidVPN.

ExpressVPN offers one of the fastest connections speeds with 256 bit AES encryption and unlimited bandwidth per month. It’s also user-friendly so anyone can set up their account quickly without any technical skills required. NordVPN has a vast server network with 6200+ servers in 60+ countries which includes many locations within China itself so you’ll never have to worry about accessing popular sites from outside of China again.

 Access censored websites

Users often complain about difficulty of access to censored sites and apps like Facebook, Google, and YouTube. These companies use distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to block users from accessing them on a continuous basis. It is possible that an upcoming Chinese sporting event might provoke more blocking by these services as they’re largely unavailable in China.

But you do not have to get frustrated! Connecting to a fast VPN provides safety and anonymity while also bypassing censorship blocks imposed by those providers. A VPN provider might be able to provide the security that you need without compromising on speed or accessibility – one way it does this is through the protocols it offers.

Protect your private data from snoopers

When travelling in other countries, it’s important to find a way to protect your data from hackers and snoopers. One of the best ways to do this is by using a virtual private network (VPN) service. It offers many features that can give you more peace of mind while travelling abroad, as well as providing you with extra protection while using public Wi-Fi networks. Here are five top choices worth considering when looking for the best VPNs for China during the 2022 FIFA World Cup or any other occasion where your internet activity may be at risk from online criminals or state sponsored actors. The Five Best VPNs for China During the 2022 FIFA World Cup:

  1. ExpressVPN – Offers easy setup, good speeds and reliability
  2. NordVPN – Has over 1150 servers in 60+ countries which allow its users to evade geo-restrictions with ease
  3. VyprVPN – Built on experience gained over 20 years helping people across the world achieve safety and security on their internet connections
  4. Private Internet Access – Great encryption coupled with plenty of servers around the world make PIA one of our top recommendations
  5. CyberGhost – A budget friendly option which also includes live chat support.
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