Best Web Browsers for 2022: Our Top Picks!

Best Web Browsers for 2022: Our Top Picks!

In 2022, it’s likely that you’ll be surfing the web from your favorite mobile device, whether it’s an iPad or Android tablet, rather than sitting in front of your computer. But what are the best web browsers for 2022? Read on to learn more about our picks!


Mozilla Firefox has the most mass appeal. It supports over 300 languages and its sleek design is compatible with any operating system, with exception to iOS. Firefox allows you to customize the UI in many ways and features advanced customization that Google Chrome does not. Firefox also includes an intuitive URL bar as well as a blocking feature that enables you to block certain types of content (i.e., pop-ups). It is arguably the safest web browser out there because it supports content scripts and data scripts, which protect from malware and web bugs.

You can always put your Firefox browser into privacy mode by clicking the icon that looks like four squares at the top of your browser window. You can access this mode from a toolbar icon or just by pressing Control+Shift+P on your keyboard. Privacy Mode blocks cookies and prevents social media widgets and buttons from tracking your internet activity. The only thing you will be able to do while in Privacy Mode is browse the internet without fear of being tracked.


Apple’s Safari browser is one of the best, most secure browsers on the market. Safar offers integrated privacy control and protection with built-in phishing and malware protection that exceeds industry standards. It has a focus on ensuring users aren’t exposed to malicious sites and features robust security settings that meet more advanced needs.

Safari also delivers a fast, responsive browsing experience thanks to its speedier loading time than other browsers. Its tight integration with Apple devices makes it the perfect option for those looking to utilize their iPhone or iPad as a go-to device for browsing. With comprehensive privacy controls and reliable security features, Safari is our pick as the best web browser available in 2022. It may not be the fastest browser out there, but it won’t leave you at risk of cyberattacks.


Numerous studies have demonstrated the high return on investment that goes with Chrome. Plus, it provides you with a familiar web browsing experience. So, if you’re looking for something streamlined and easy to use, then Chrome is your best bet. They also provide free syncing across all devices so you can access your data everywhere. As such, if mobility is your priority, then this browser has you covered.

And even though Chrome just isn’t in the conversation when it comes to high-end graphics rendering like other browsers are, they have an excellent ad blocker and they keep a close eye on site permissions so there are fewer chances of being exploited online. If you want a browser that’s fast, efficient, reliable and secure without breaking the bank, then go with Chrome.

 Internet Explorer

Ever since the success of Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer has been a front-runner. Until recently, it was the most popular browser used on desktop computers and Android phones in the United States. But that was then. Mozilla’s Firefox continues to grow at a great pace, with both its browser and mobile app experiencing exponential growths in users. Chrome has experienced considerable success as well, though it still remains much less popular than other browsers like Safari and Edge.

How do we compare these web browsers? All four have their strengths and weaknesses. Edge may be faster when compared to other browsers but lacks many features. Firefox is an all-around good choice, but doesn’t offer any extras you can’t find elsewhere. If you’re looking for extra security or privacy measures, Google Chrome is a solid option. And if you’re using Windows 8 or higher, then Microsoft’s own browser is built right into your operating system so there are no extra downloads necessary (though it does come with Cortana integration).

 Maxthon Cloud Browser

One of the best web browsers available on the market today is Maxthon Cloud Browser. It has all the features you would expect from a top-notch browser, like tabbed browsing, private browsing and parental controls. In addition to being a full-featured browser, it is lightweight, so it won’t slow down your device or put undue strain on your battery life. This is just one of many reasons why Maxthon Cloud Browser is our top pick among web browsers in 2022.

UC Browser

If you have tried the browser and don’t like it, no worries! Give it a chance. I did not like the browser either, until I gave it a chance.

They offer an experience on the same level of Chrome or Firefox with some really nice added features like unlimited tabs, 3D gesture navigation with face detection and motion control, an autofill mode to fill forms as well as credit card information without having to type anything manually, security measures against ads and malware to protect your data and private information and much more. It is also available in over 100 languages, which can make web browsing easier when travelling abroad.

You can find UC Browser in both iOS and Android app stores. The only downside is that they do not support extensions yet but they are in development so we will be looking out for them.

Overall this is one of my favorites!

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