China’s military exercises near Taiwan as a warning to the United States

China's military exercises near Taiwan as a warning to the United States

China has begun military exercises with Taiwan to warn the United States.

China says the Chinese military conducted military exercises around Taiwan just hours after a high-level US delegation arrived in the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, for talks.

According to an official statement, the Chinese military has sent fighter jets and other warplanes with a navy to the East China Sea patrolling the maritime and airspace near Taiwan to prepare for multi-pronged weapons.

The Chinese government says its exercises are a response to repeated US government missteps, but the statement did not mention a US delegation visiting Taiwan. The Chinese government added in its statement that the wrong actions and tactics of the United States are absolutely futile and extremely dangerous, and those who play with fire will burn themselves in it.


China and Taiwan separated after the 1949 war, but China claims ownership of the sovereign island.

The leader of the six-member US delegation to Taiwan, US Senator Lindsay Graham, said China’s provocations and Russia’s support for the war in Ukraine have united the United States with Taiwan. This is the second high-level visit to the United States in the last two months.


Taiwan is on high alert for possible Chinese aggression over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Taiwan’s military began its new exercises this week. About 15,000 reserve troops are taking part in rigorous exercises that will continue this year.

The United States is Taiwan’s largest non-governmental ally and has increased its arms sales to Taiwan in recent years.

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