Computer-generated duplicates a major threat to artists

Computer-generated duplicates a major threat to artists

A union of artists has warned that unless the law is changed, the jobs of actors will be in jeopardy due to artificial intelligence (AI). The union ‘Equity’ says computer-generated copies are a major threat to the artists’ future.

Equity, an organization for the rights of artists called the Performing Arts Workers Union, has launched a new campaign against possible financial losses from artificial intelligence. I stealing the show.

Artificial intelligence can use an actor’s voice or facial features, including ‘deep fax’.

“From automated audiobooks to digital avatars, artificial intelligence (AI) systems are now replacing skilled professional actors,” says the Equity Union.

The union warns that the consequences of such “dystopian” interference with artificial intelligence will be severe unless copyright law is applied to them.

Equity has identified a number of different ways in which artists, actors’ voices or similarities can be used.

For example, actors can work with firms that use artificial intelligence to create systems that can create artificial voiceovers (using someone else’s voice over another scene or sound) or digital ‘avatars’. Help them build.

And using artificial intelligence (AI), ‘artificial’ performances can be created, and in some cases even lost actors can be reappeared in a new movie.

While performances made with artificial intelligence (AI) can be a useful creative tool, the Union is concerned that actors may not be able to control their repeated use of similarities forever, nor should they allow their similarities to satisfy them. You can stop using it for free or without proper compensation.

Celebrity ‘deep fake’ videos created with artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming increasingly popular online.

“As an actor, it’s important that my voice and my image are my own, no matter how easily and cheaply these things are digitally copied,” actress Tulula Riley, who supports the campaign, told the union. can go. I believe that actors should be properly compensated for using their voices or their similarities, the materials we make.

Danger to audio
While actors work with AI companies, most of them are unaware of their rights. The union says many people need to sign non-disclosure agreements.

The union’s 430-member survey found that 93 percent of audio artists felt that artificial intelligence (AI) was a major threat to their employment opportunities.

A survey respondent told the union: “In the last six months, my voice has been used in major marketing campaigns by global companies. I did not receive a penny, although I am convinced that my contract does not allow for third party advertising.

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