Get the scoop on Microsoft Office 2022: price, features, and everything else you need to know!

Get the scoop on Microsoft Office 2022: price, features, and everything else you need to know!

How much will Microsoft Office 2022 cost? That’s the burning question on everyone’s mind, but unfortunately we don’t have an answer to that yet because it’s still over three years away from being released to the public. There are plenty of features and details about this long-awaited update to Microsoft Office that we do know, though, and here you can find everything you need to know about Office 2022 and its price, as well as what you can expect it to look like and how it compares to other popular office suites.

What is it?

If you’re interested in checking out the updated version of Microsoft Office – dubbed Office 2022 – then keep reading. We’ll cover what we know so far about how it could change your life, but first some context…

# More than three billion hours a year are wasted by people looking for information that’s only available in documents they don’t have access to; that’s equivalent to five million employees working full-time jobs.

# It can take an average of 26 minutes just to find an email that needs action; this equates with 80 hours of lost productivity each week. To put it into perspective: every second counts when our time is spread thin. Office 2022 aims to change all that with its unique features. With its deep integration with Cortana, you’ll be able to find anything at any time without lifting a finger or using more than one app. What does this mean? No more sifting through paper trails of emails or hunting down those important files – if you want them, Cortana will show them to you.

Office also has new tools designed specifically for teamwork including file sharing capabilities and co-authoring tools that save users’ precious time while making projects easier to manage. Its deep integration with OneDrive means there’s never been an easier way to work together on shared documents while being connected no matter where in the world they are!


One of the most important parts of any business is finances. At least that’s what I’m told as a millennial by my parents.

Microsoft recently released their plans for 2021-2022 with regards to software prices, including the Office 365 Personal plan. The great news is that the price of this plan has decreased from $69.99 per year to $59.99 per year if you pay annually or $6.99 per month if you pay monthly — that means your new monthly cost will be less than $10! It also includes 1TB of cloud storage in OneDrive, which can save your company big bucks when compared to paying for an external hard drive.

For the first time ever, you’ll have access to both Office 365 Home Premium (which includes 5 devices) and Office Professional Plus (for one device). Alongside these two options, there are also upgrades available at additional cost such as Home Business Premium and Enterprise E3; however, these are only available at additional cost. You’re also not obligated to purchase an upgrade every year like with past versions.


What will it be called? Microsoft is leaving us in suspense for now, so only time will tell. But if its release date remains consistent with the trend of past releases (October 2020), then this iteration of Microsoft Office will likely bear some kind of 2022 title.

What will it offer? On September 24th at Build Conference 2021 Project Wingman was released as an add-in for Outlook. Users can search and send emails with a voice command. Other updates that have been introduced include Morph, a new way to access your inbox via motion control; Microsoft Word and PowerPoint’s keyboard shortcuts integration; hover notifications in Excel; Word’s ability to share individual sections of documents rather than entire files; more zoom options in PowerPoint; continuous scrolling in OneNote mobile app; right-click function inside OneNote desktop app, which can also erase ink by drawing outside a circle or rectangle.

Microsoft has also given students free access to Office 365 through their education plan, while they are studying abroad or enrolled in a gap year program, which is great news for any student looking for an easier path into their career.

 How can I get my hands on it?

We’re so excited that Microsoft has finally announced the release date for their long-awaited next version of Office. And it’s coming soon too! You can download Office 2010 now as a 30-day trial for free. But it won’t be available for purchase until January 2013. There are also rumors that Windows 8 will include a version of Office 2016 with all the new bells and whistles built in.

So keep your eyes peeled for those updates from Microsoft! The first thing we noticed about Office 2022 is how much more attractive it is than the previous versions. The colors are brighter and there’s not much clutter on screen – which is good because we always have way too many windows open at once! It took us awhile to figure out how to do some things like create shapes or even undo something that we did by mistake but we eventually got used to it and realized what a powerful program this is going to be.

 Our Verdict

The new release of Microsoft Office is expected to release sometime in 2020, but until then here’s what we know so far. Currently, plans are set for this release of MS Office to come with the software’s standard services including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and Skype. Users will also be able to collaborate with others across all of their devices making it easier than ever before.

Now that we’ve gotten through a list of some of the most important things included in this new Microsoft Office update here are our top five additional details from one of our insider sources at TechCrunch. First off, the price for Microsoft Office 2022 will start out at $199 which includes three-years of free updates, but there’s more. For an additional fee users can purchase an Office 365 subscription for $14.99 per month which comes with 60 minutes of conference calls per month as well as enhanced collaboration features such as document sharing and instant messaging.

Second, they’re adding adaptive formatting tools to help make sure your content looks good on any device or screen size.

Third, when collaborating between multiple people simultaneously Microsoft is introducing threaded comments to make reviewing changes much easier.

Fourth, the company has introduced simplified language translation tools allowing them to work on any document format. Finally, the company promises increased security options by giving users a way to limit who can edit or share certain documents in order to keep data safe from unauthorized access.

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