Google Home Max Review – Is It Worth the Money?

Google Home Max Review – Is It Worth the Money?

The latest in Google’s family of smart speakers, the Google Home Max is meant to be the speaker to end all speakers. It’s so good that Google claims it to be the most powerful smart speaker on the planet, but does it live up to this lofty statement? Let’s find out in our Google Home Max review!

What I Like

I like that it’s relatively easy to set up and can be linked to any device that is on your WiFi network. Once you have it linked up, you can download the Google Assistant app onto your smartphone which allows you to control playback on the Home Max through your phone. I found this useful because my phone was also in my pocket and I didn’t have to grab it before telling it what song I wanted.

My favorite feature of this speaker is its audio quality. I loved how it filled up a large room with sound and that there wasn’t a lot of distortion at high volumes. The Google Home Max really delivered when it came to bass levels as well – something that I’m always looking for in a good speaker!

I really liked how responsive the speaker was when asking questions about local weather or sports scores too. All in all, this is a great product for those who want an audiophile-quality home sound system without having to break the bank!

 What Could be Better

For now, Google Home is a smart speaker. The potential to do more like being a smart home hub or controlling other devices is tantalizing. But for now, it does not offer much beyond what your phone can do in some cases with cheaper speakers and doesn’t always work as well as it should.

So unless you have an aversion to wires and don’t care about the potential that goes with an Apple ecosystem, there are better options out there for your dollars if you’re looking for a versatile speaker with great sound. It’s important to remember that this review was of the $399 model which might be worth it if you really want a top-of-the-line speaker but there are less expensive alternatives with similar capabilities.

The Amazon Echo Dot has a compact design and costs just $49.99 – though lacks many of the bells and whistles that come with the Google Home Max – so it may be worth considering depending on your needs. And if you’re concerned about price versus performance, consider one of Sonos’ excellent mid-range speakers like their PLAY:1 which starts at just $199 (though note that unlike the Amazon Echo Dot or the Google Home Max, Sonos requires using a corded setup). That said, the Google Home Max would make a wonderful addition to any music enthusiast’s household.

 Final Verdict

The Google Home Max is a powerful speaker that can fill up a large room with high-quality sound. With dual 4.5 inch woofers and tweeters, it produces rich and well-balanced audio that’s best suited for popular music genres such as pop, rock, country and hip hop. In addition to offering Wi-Fi connectivity, you can also connect your device through Bluetooth or Chromecast to wirelessly stream songs from an external source, which makes it an excellent choice for any party lover.

And while the Google Home Max doesn’t come cheap at $399.99, it offers hands down one of the best listening experiences in its price range and should make all audiophiles jump up and shout with joy.

If you’re looking for a good quality speaker without the premium price tag, I recommend taking a look at our review on the Sonos One (full review here). Although it lacks some of the features found on the Google Home Max, such as built-in power amplifier and wireless capability, it still delivers an impressive performance with just two speakers.

Plus, there are various ways to customize how you want your music played. For example, if you want vocals to be more prominent than instruments, then turn up the volume on vocals before turning down the volume on instruments. It might not be perfect for those who want their speaker system capable of handling everything under the sun but nonetheless manages to pack a powerful punch when compared with many other similar devices in this price range ($199)

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