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Amber Heard

Amber Heard is the only actress in the Hollywood industry who always grabs the highlights due to her divorce case. She was in a relationship with an actor Johnny Depp and after the two years of marriage they divorced. After the divorce she has filed a case that her husband was abusing all the time and there was nothing better in between them. From that time, they both have hired a lawyer and fighting the case to prove themselves innocence. It is sill in the process that is why we are still in the dilemma that who will win? 

Now let’s talk about the journey that has bring her through this stage of popularity 


Early life – 

In the year 1986, 22 April – she was born in the Austin, Texas. From her birth, she was fighting like in a car accident her best friend died and due to this reason she has become the atheist and keeping herself in dark that there are no power. Her father was businessman and in leisure time, he was taking care of the horses, hunting and do fishing like activities. Similarly she grew up after seeing all these activities and that is why she is excel in all these things. After growing up she has participated in the beauty contest where she has said that – she could not support the event where people raise their finger for objection. 


Career – 

She step ahead in the industry through two music videos and as a supporting actress in the series of television. In the starting phase she was playing minor roles in the movies and shows, but never captured the whole stage. Then she has offered with one leading role in a movie but it was delayed due to distribution issue. From the year 2007, her career has elevated at a height and then she start receiving several offers that has shaped her career. If we talk about the years of her peak of success then it is 2008 to the year 2016. In these years, most of the film were blockbuster hits on the cinema and audience have given amazing reviews of her acting and script. She has now learned the demand of stage and become proficient in the skills of acting and understanding the script choices. Due to this reason most of her movies has not worked well but still everyone including critics has appreciate her for the acting and no one could raise the finger in flaws of acting. In one of her film there was demand for the actress to play guitar or any instruments and singing, so she has started classes to learn these things. 

Sometimes she has performed well and movie has faced several negative reviews and due to that reason she has awarded with “worst actress of the film”. This happens and everyone should accept the failure with a smile on the face. In the year 2017, Amber has performed her major role in the Aquaman and it has collected major amount and good reviews as well. After this achievement, L’Oreal Paris brand has offered her to be a global ambassador of their brand. 

From that day she has offered with lots of movies based on novel and dramas, so this was rising time. 


Apart from the acting, she is activist also and ambassosor of the ACLU and she has devoted to the association with efforts, money and time. She burst out several times for the rights of every citizen and also to spread the picture of several actress without her permission which is illegal. Whether it is about domestic violence or women’s rights, she has always come out as a phoenix and appeal the government to ban all the things which didn’t raise these issues in the society.  


Personal life – 

Amber’s personal life was not at ease and there were several issue of being molested, sexually abused and domestic violence. She has never find comfort in her personal life and that is why her breaking news of divorce always stays at the top. After all this, she is surrogate mother and now take a look at her awards and net worth. As per the latest update of annual income, the net worth of Amber Heard is about $8 million and she has received awards like – best actress, breakthrough of the year, best ensemble, spotlight award, inductee, best kiss, best supporting actress and many more 


So this was all about Amber Heard and she is the one lady that has made us learned about being straightforward, fight for the right and contribute yourself to country because you are citizen. 

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