How to access the PS5 web browser – A step by step guide

How to access the PS5 web browser - A step by step guide

You’ve just purchased the brand new PS5 and you’re all set to watch your favorite cat videos or stream your favorite movie – only to find out that Sony has no intention of making a PS5 web browser available to their customers anytime soon. The good news is that there are ways to access the PS5 web browser without having to wait for Sony. The bad news is that they are somewhat risky and should be attempted at your own risk!

Connect your console to the internet

Turn on your console and open up PSN from the main screen.

Open PlayStation Plus and select Create Account. Follow instructions and provide email address, age, user name, birth date, language preference and gender before following directions for payment type. Select Switch or Add to create a new account or manage existing ones. Once you have successfully created an account, login with it when prompted on-screen.

Open PS Store from the main screen in order to buy new games or content on your PlayStation 4. Select what type of purchase you would like to make (games, movies, TV shows, etc.) You can also see other types of media that are available on PlayStation at this time such as comics and albums.

Select the button Add Funds which will take you to a screen where you can add your credit card information or purchase PSN cards from retailers like GameStop. Select PlayStation Network Card under Buy One Now and follow instructions for adding funds through PayPal if desired. Remember that any purchases made will be tied to the account that is currently logged into the system as long as this device is connected to the internet.

 Go online with your PS4

  1. Go on the search function with your controller and type in PS4.
  2. Select Settings from the drop down menu. 2. Select Network.
  3. Click on Set up internet connection and choose manual setup (if you want to set up a Wi-Fi connection). If you want an Ethernet connection, click on network cable under internet settings and use a LAN cable to connect your PlayStation 4 console to your modem or router.
  4. Enter your internet information, including whether or not it is PPPoE based, and enter any password needed for you ISP (internet service provider). Make sure you are using the correct options because they will vary depending on what service plan you have. Once done, go back to the home screen and open up the browser. It should say that You are now connected at the top of the page if you did everything correctly. You can also see your signal strength next to signal bars when accessing internet through Wi-Fi.

 Open a new tab

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have an internet connection, either through a Wi-Fi network or using your internet provider. Then, click on the Settings tab on your PlayStation 5. Next, go down and click on App list and then click on the icon for Web Browser. You will then be taken back to your app list where you will see two options: Browser and Bookmarks (default).

Once you choose which option you want, all of your internet browsing needs should be able to be fulfilled with this one simple application. You can browse just about any website you desire from Amazon to YouTube and Facebook, it’s all possible! The best part about the new PS5 web browser is that it also comes with extensions like AdBlocker and NoScript.

All in all, if you want to use Chrome but don’t have an internet connection, or if your current internet doesn’t load certain websites at optimal speeds due to location, this is definitely worth downloading! It’s not just for work purposes, there are plenty of games and apps that require internet connectivity as well. And now there’s no excuse to not stay connected because it’s finally here! We hope you enjoyed our quick tutorial on how to use the PS5 web browser!

Open your bookmark folder

There are two ways to get your bookmarks on your console: copy them from a different console, or save them in system storage on your current console. To do this, make sure you have enough system storage space (see How much storage space is on my PlayStation®4?). Once you have a place for them, use one of these two methods:

– Copy-and-paste: navigate to the folder with all of your bookmark files and select Copy and then navigate over to where you want your new bookmarks saved. Highlight an area big enough for them (keeping in mind that if it’s too small they won’t fit), right click and select Paste.

– Drag and drop: open up another folder where you want them saved. Next, find and highlight the file(s) you copied to there earlier. Drag each one into the empty folder until all of them are there, then release your mouse button to complete the process. Now, drag and drop your latest bookmark onto the empty folder with all of the others. You’ll be taken back to your previous page, but now you’ll see a new category called Bookmarks.

Select it to view your latest additions! When you’re done making changes, don’t forget to copy them back to system storage or else they will be lost when you sign out. If anything doesn’t work as expected, contact Sony Interactive Entertainment Customer Service.

Add bookmarks using folders

Accessing a website with the built-in browser on PlayStation 5 is as easy as pressing up on your controller. The following steps detail how you can add bookmarks and organize your website browsing experience so that it’s as streamlined and efficient as possible.

To add a bookmark, press L1+R1+up on your controller, type in a title for the bookmark, then press enter. Now navigate back to the page you want to bookmark and press L1+R1+L2 on your controller (this will use a subfolder). Name this new folder (e.g., All Weather) before pressing enter. Repeat these steps until you have created folders for all of the websites you want to bookmark.

To visit one of these bookmarked sites, select it from the main screen by pressing right on your controller. Your site should load instantly! If not, make sure you’re connected to the internet and refresh the page. For further customization options, refer to our blog post on how to customize your browser. You’ll find ways to change the homepage, set up a custom search engine, change fonts and colors for better readability, remove distracting elements such as ads or social media links, browse privately without saving any history data…the list goes on!

Keep coming back to PlayStation LifeStyle for more guides like this one. We know what we’re doing 😉

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Whether you are young or old, there is something for everyone here at Gigabox! Now is a great time to get a subscription with their special launch offer: 3 months free when you sign up today. Click here to learn more about Gigabox before it launches next year on your PlayStation 5 system!

 Enjoy the internet on your brand new console!

As a Playstation owner, you know that there are many incredible games available on your console. If you’re looking for something different, or simply love experiencing things online, we have good news for you! The new Play Station 5 will come with a web browser! This is great news because it means that browsing the internet is finally easy on your console without having to switch between apps.

In order to access the internet and try out this new feature, all you need to do is sign into an existing account (such as PlayStation Network) or create a new one and connect to Wi-Fi. Then just open up the built-in Web Browser app and enjoy internet anywhere in your home.

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