How To Add A Mortgage Calculator In WordPress?

WordPress is a free platform that allows everyone to create their website. Most internet users prefer to create their websites or blogs using WordPress. As WordPress is an open-source application, modifications are easy. WordPress powers nearly 43% of websites on the internet.

WordPress creates a simple blog or complex financial website. There are different WordPress plugin repositories with which you can add different functionalities to the website. For instance, a home loan page requires an EMI calculator. WordPress free plugins are the best to meet such requirements for your website. Using these plugins, you can add a mortgage or Loan Against Property EMI calculator to your site. 

This article will discuss how you can make your custom mortgage calculator using different plugin repositories available for free in WordPress.

How To Add a Mortgage Calculator?

The step-by-step procedure to add a mortgage calculator in WordPress is mentioned below-

Step 1: Install the Mortgage Calculator

Login into your WordPress account and navigate to ‘Plugins” in the bottom left of the admin panel. Click on the ‘Add new’ option and search for the mortgage calculator. Once you have found the desired plugin, install and activate the plugin.

Step 2: Configure the plugin

Navigate to the bottom left corner of the admin panel, where you will find the ‘Settings’ option. Click on that and open the Mortgage calculator link. Here, you can customise the price format tab according to your website. Moreover, you can alter the displayed text in the calculator from the settings tab. 

Step 3: Show the Mortgage Calculator

The plugins create widgets that are displayed anywhere on the site. First, navigate to appearance, where you will find ‘Widgets’, click on the widget option and find the mortgage calculator. Drag the widget to the widget area where you want your widget to be displayed. After that, click on the widget arrow to open the configuration option. Here, you can alter the text information needed to show on the site. 

Now, the calculator will be visible on your site.

Note: By default, the widget will be visible on every page on the site. However, if you don’t want to show the widget on every page, you can install a widget context plugin, which will help you regulate what section of the website you want your widget to appear in.

Types of Mortgage Calculators

A pre-built calculator template is available on WordPress, which you can customise. This way, you don’t have to build anything from scratch. Moreover, it is essential to choose the best calculator template, which looks good on Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers. There are different kinds of mortgages or loans against property EMI calculators in WordPress. Here’s a list of the best working mortgage WordPress plugins-

– Simple Mortgage Calculator

It is one of the most-used mortgage calculators, offering various options to the user. You can easily find this plugin in the WordPress directory and install it. Moreover, the UI of the plugin could be more sophisticated. This plugin features options like mortgage terms, home interest rates, down payment, and property mortgage loan calculators.

– Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator is another effective plugin you can install from the WordPress directory for free. It comes with a clean interface and customisation options. And this plugin is available in different languages. It provides AJAX-based graphs within itself, which looks more appealing and attractive.

– FC’s Mortgage Calculator

FC’s mortgage calculator is the most robust calculator, which can calculate several unknown values efficiently. It also creates a detailed amortisation schedule, graphs, and charts based on dates. 

– Responsive Mortgage Calculator

The responsive mortgage calculator is feature dense and is available for free. You can find this in the WordPress plugin directory. Moreover, you can display a detailed amortisation and a summary at the end of the calculation.


Following the steps mentioned above, install a mortgage calculator on your site. Also, the plugins mentioned above are the most preferred and effective for WordPress-powered sites. And the plugins are available for free, which means no extra charge is involved. By inserting the mortgage calculator in your WordPress site, your users can easily calculate the mortgage amount.

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