Tips for Keeping Your Car Smelling Fresh

Car Fragrance

Nothing compares to the aroma of a brand-new automobile. Fresh upholstery and the scent of leather bring back pleasant memories for you. Sadly, this smell disappears quickly. Your cars will eventually start to smell terrible due to usage and bad practices. Good habits and luxury car interior accessories will keep your cars smelling fresh. Here are some straightforward recommendations to keep your car smelling good.

With really simple DIYs and more, the experts have shown the best ways to make your car smell good! Don’t worry; none of these do-it-yourself projects will squander your time or money. They are quick, inexpensive methods apart from car air freshener to eliminate unpleasant smells and leave your automobile smelling clean and new.

What is it about cars that makes them always smell bad? Your children or pets may very well contribute to the issue. Additionally, youth sports or a wet dog odour will contribute. Those smelly stink particles are awful. However, even if you don’t have children or pets, the automobile eventually starts to smell strange, especially in the summer.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a straightforward, quick approach to eliminate that odour? After all, the scent of a fresh, new car is lovely! But how can you keep your car smelling good?

  • Clean The Air Vents

The state of the air vents is one of the most frequent reasons for an unpleasant odour in a car. The air that enters the car will smell as they gather dirt and bacteria. Start by cleaning out the car’s air vents. You can use cotton swabs or a thin sponge for this.

It would be best if you ideally cleaned both the upper and lower vents. Also, check the cabin air filter while you’re at it. To keep the smell of your automobile fresh, you must change this frequently. Finally, dispose of the A/C overflow. To remove built-up dirt and debris, squeeze the drain tube.

  • Fresheners For Clothing and Dryer Sheets

You can keep your car smelling good with the aid of your laundry companions. For a quick refresher, hang some dryer sheets on the air conditioner vents. The cloth sheets will help the car smell fresh. Additionally, dryer sheets will last longer than standard vehicle fresheners if the box has a little hole in the corner.

For a persistent scent, place this under the seat. Making your fresheners is another option, utilising typical household fresheners. You can place them in little mesh bags or little Mason jars with holes in the lid. Put these on the console, in the cup holder, or under the seats for an immediate fresh scent.

  • Watch Your Clean Habits

Along with routine car cleaning, it’s critical to develop healthy habits to keep your car smelling good for a long time. The stench from smoking will cling to the upholstery in the car, despite leaving the window open.

Make sure to dispose of trash properly, mainly if it contains food or drink. It will be challenging to get rid of the bad smell. If spills occur, clean them up as quickly as possible by wiping them up immediately. Over time, the residue from the spills may build up, making cleaning and odour control more challenging.

  • Wash The Mats

Automobile mats are a barrier between the dirt people track into their cars every time they enter and the carpeting inside the vehicle. Even after using all their air fresheners and vacuuming the car thoroughly, they can still notice the odour. Examine the trunk and floor mats; it could be time to wash them properly.

It would be best if you routinely clean your mats, whether rubber or carpet-style. Remove them from the vehicle and clear the surface of any visible dust and debris. For cleaning, use a scrub brush, water, and dishwashing detergent. Place them somewhere to dry before putting them in the car. To make your vehicle pristine and odour-free, use a vacuum and lint roller to clean the carpet as you go.

  • Refresh The Upholstery

While routine vacuuming aids in removing dirt and dust, stains can still occur. You can clean fabric seats using water, white vinegar and water dish soap. Use a toothbrush or scrub to remove the stain after applying your preferred mixture with a dab.

Use the same vinegar solution, lemon juice mixed with cream of tartar, nail polish remover, or even dependable rubbing alcohol to clean leather seats. You can remove the stains on leather seats with cotton balls or a soft sponge. Your automobile will quickly smell fresh after stain treatment if you let the seats dry and wipe them with laundry sheets.


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