How To Make A Photo Booth Frame From Cardboard

How to Make a Photo Booth Frame from Cardboard cop()

When we get our picture taken in a photo booth, one of the main attractions is the frame we get as a result. However, photo booths are fast fading out, but the allure of that frame still stays. If you’re missing that kind of look and can’t find a filter to match it, here’s how to make your own photo booth frame using cardboard:

Gather the Materials:

For having the best photo booth frame, you should make sure you have everything you need. This would include a camera, projector board, cardboard, wooden strips, paint, primer, glitter, glue, scissors, a craft knife, measurement tools, and a stapler or staple gun. The glitter and paint are up to you in terms of color and kind. Fabric and acrylic paints are the best option for a long-lasting finish.

Cut the Cardboard:

The cardboard you use could come from any box you have lying around. This could also include cardboard boxes in Chicago. Once you have a suitably-sized box, prepare it by taking off the flaps. Make sure the box is big enough to fit a couple of faces in the middle of it.

Next, cut out one piece of cardboard as big as you can manage. An ideal size would be around 25 inches in height and 35 inches in width.

Make the Template:

Looking at creative social media accounts can give you a lot of ideas on how to make the best frame possible. The more colors you use, the funkier you can make your frame.

Make your template by affixing this cardboard to the board and rule the frame using the pencil and ruler. This is also the part where you can mark where the decorations would go.

When you have the frame all ruled out, you can cut it out with a craft knife. This would give straight edges to the frame much better than scissors would.

Prep the Frame:

In order to make the frame have a lasting color, cover it with primer before starting on the paint. One layer of white acrylic paint would be best for putting on all the embellishments you like. You can also choose to paint the frame in a solid color or in some funky designs.

Gather the Props:

The rest of the frame’s decorations would depend on what you want the theme to be. If you want a jungle theme, for instance, a green frame would look best with cutouts of trees, bushes, and some animals.

Many crafters like to use a decent amount of glitter in order to make their frame really pop. This would give a little belonging to the frame and attract people to it. It would also make for taking better pictures, which is the main aim of a homemade photo booth frame from cardboard.

The Steadying:

Having a proper frame would require some more reinforcements. No matter how sturdy the cardboard is, some wooden strips would always come in handy. These wooden strips should be around two inches long.

Staple the wooden strip to each corner of the photo booth frame. This would also keep the corners from bending. A large stapler or staple gun is best for this purpose. You can also use some glue if a strong enough stapling tool is not available.


Making this photo booth frame is a fun and productive way to use up any unused cardboard boxes. You’d be recycling and get something new at no extra cost. The frame could become a great prop for taking pictures at your next party or event.

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