How to Reduce Food Wastage With Blast Freezer?

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How to Reduce Food Wastage With Blast Freezer?

We’ve all seen how much food material goes waste due to the absence of proper storing spaces. Also, a lot of food material goes waste due to people’s negligence. We always see these things and think, is there any way to prevent these food materials from going to waste? The answer is yes, there is. A lot of food wastage happens due to a lack of proper storage spaces. For example, fruits that are not sold shortly after harvesting can result in spoilage. Those items will be thrown into the garbage. This can be easily prevented with the help of a blast freezer. Almost everyone has heard about the appliance and knows its benefits. Today we are going to discuss these machines. We will get to know about these blast freezers and their working mechanism. What is their importance, and how can they help to reduce food wastage? We will also get to know how the blast freezer manufacturers make these freezers. Let’s get started with the blog.


What Are Blast Freezers?

A blast freezer is a simple yet extremely useful appliance. They have a large number of applications in various industries. This includes the food and pharmaceutical industry. The machine itself is very useful. It is being used in many restaurants and hotels. The blast freezer, as suggested by the name, freezes the items kept inside. But a normal freezer also does the same. The difference between the two is simple. A normal freezer takes a long time to reduce the temperature of the items. Whereas a blast freezer can reduce the temperature of an item from 70°C to 0°C in only 3-4 hours.

Now, what is the benefit of freezing the food items and how does it help to keep them safe? When the food freeze in a blast freezer, the food particles also freeze with the water present inside. The sudden freezing prevents the water molecules from expanding during the freezing process. This helps to keep the food particles intact. This keeps the freshness and taste of the food materials the same. Now, that we know what these blast freezers are, let’s take a look at their work mechanism.


Components of Blast Freezers

A normal freezer, usually present in a refrigerator has small components. It has to keep the temperature of the fridge higher than that of the freezer. This is the reason why the temperature drop inside a normal freezer is slow. Whereas in a blast freezer, much larger components are used to provide the cooling effect. Also, there is no need to maintain two temperatures hence the cooling is more effective.

Usually, a blast freezer contains various kinds of components. The major components are the evaporator, condenser, compressor, and condenser fans. All these components work with each other to maximise the cooling ability.


How Do Blast Freezers Work?

We understood how these blast freezers help to keep the food material safe and secure, but do they do it? What are the differences that make a blast freezer so different from a normal freezer? Let’s have a look.

All the parts work in sync to maximize the output. The evaporator takes in the air from inside the storage area and cools it down. This happens with the help of a coolant due to which the coolant becomes hot and evaporates. The gaseous coolant present inside the blast freezer goes to the compressor. There, high pressure applied to it converts it into a liquid state. Then the condenser reduces the temperature of the pressurized coolant with condenser fans. After the temperature of the coolant reduces, it goes back to the evaporator. Then the process repeats over and over again inside the machine. This is the complete working mechanism of a blast freezer.

Now, we know how this freezer works. Let’s take a look at how this appliance helps in the reduction of food wastage.


How Does a Blast Freezer Reduce Food Wastage?

A blast freezer is very important and useful when preventing food wastage. Food wastage happens in many forms. If a vendor is unable to sell all the fruits/vegetables, they might get spoiled and then he’ll have to throw them away. If the food prepared by a hotel/restaurant does not get finished at the end of the day, it will be of no use. We can prevent all these things with the help of a blast freezer.

Now, let’s consider that the fruit vendor has access to the facility of a blast freezer. He won’t need to sell the fruits in one day anymore. He can store the remaining fruits in the freezer and then sell them the next day. If the hotel/restaurant has a blast freezer, they can keep the food left in the freezer. That food will be useful the next day or for some other purposes like food donation or feeding it to the animals.


Some Advantages of Blast Freezers

Not only preventing food wastage, but blast freezers also have many other advantages. Let’s have a look at some other advantages and facts of using these amazing machines:

  • One of the most important uses of a blast freezer is to store medicines and vaccines. This prevents them from spoiling at the outer temperature.
  • Also, the portable blast freezer to transport perishable goods and pharmaceutical products. The products can cover a long distance without worrying about spoilage.
  • All the materials frozen in the blast freezers remain protected from bacterial growth. Since the bacteria cannot grow at low temperatures, the materials remain safe.
  • The blast freezer price depends on the working and energy efficiency of the product.
  • These freezers help to make frozen food items. These food materials are cooled down in an instant to increase their shelf-life.



We can conclude the article by agreeing that blast freezers are very useful. These appliances not only reduce food wastage but also increase their shelf life. Using these special freezers, you can save a lot of food. If you want to buy a blast freezer, visit There you can find a wide range of products. All the products are made by top blast freezer manufacturers in India. Every product is made using high-grade materials and is efficient. If you have any kind of queries, contact our customer support. Hope you understood how these blast freezers help in reducing food wastage.

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