How to Use Check Box Content Controls in a Word Document

How to Use Check Box Content Controls in a Word Document

Check box content controls are helpful when you want to give the user the ability to choose from several options in your Word document. They’re useful if you have three or more items, since you can put them on one page and let the user select all the boxes that apply to their preferences. If you have just two options, it’s probably better to use radio buttons; if you have five or more options, it’s best to use check boxes instead of radio buttons so users don’t get overwhelmed with too many choices at once.


About the Custom Content Control

If you want to add interactivity to your Word document, you can use content controls. Content controls are also known as form fields. Check box content controls are one type of content control that you can use to create forms in Word. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to insert and use check box content controls in your Word document.


The first step is to choose the type of content control you want to insert. To do this, click on the Insert tab and then select Check Box. Once you’ve selected Check Box, drag it into the text where you want it placed. You’ll notice that when you place the cursor over the check box, some lines of text automatically appear below it: Do not touch me with a checked box below.


You can edit these lines by clicking inside them and adding your own words or phrases. After you’re done editing, double-click outside of either line to exit editing mode. Now let’s add another line so that we have two lines with check boxes side by side: Don’t touch me with an unchecked box next to it; Please touch me with a checked box next to it. Once you’ve added both lines, the result should look like this:

Don’t touch me with an unchecked box next to it;

Please touch me with a checked box next to it.

You can now start selecting each checkbox individually and checking/unchecking them at will.


Why Custom Content?

Adding custom content to your documents can help you better organize and present information. Custom content can also make your documents more interactive and engaging. Check box content controls are one way you can add custom content to your Word documents. Here’s how to use them 1) Select the text where you want the checkbox control to appear.


2) In the Ribbon, click Insert > Form Controls > Check Boxes. A dialogue box will open, prompting you for more information about the checkbox content control. You’ll be asked to type in the name of the variable that should store the value of whether or not someone has checked off this box (e.g., myCheckedBox). You’ll also be asked what should happen if someone does check off this box: If checked, select Yes or No; When unchecked, select Yes or No; When tabbed away from, select Yes or No; and When focus moves elsewhere, select Yes or No. Finally, you’ll be asked if this is a required field (i.e., people have to fill it out before they can submit).


In addition to these options, you can set up a default value for this variable by typing it into the Default Value input at the bottom of this window.


What is a Check Box?

A check box is a content control that allows users to select or deselect an option. When selected, a check mark appears in the box. Check boxes are used when there are multiple options and only one or some of them can be selected. If a user selects the Yes option on this page, they would see:

Here’s how you create a check box in Microsoft Word:


2) Select CHECK BOX from the list of available shapes (Figure 1).

3) Type your desired text into the text box that appears (Figure 2).

4) Select CHECKED from the PROPERTIES menu on top of your document window (Figure 3). The checkbox will appear with a checked mark inside it.

5) Repeat steps 1-4 for each additional checkbox you want to add. To change the name of your checkboxes in Microsoft Word, double click on the label above your first checkbox and type a new name into the NAME field. To remove a particular checkbox, highlight it by clicking once then press DELETE on your keyboard.

6) Click outside of any shape to exit drawing mode.

7) Once you have finished adding all of your shapes, drag the handles at each corner to resize the space between them.

8) Save your document as a .docx file by going to FILE > SAVE AS> CHOOSE .docx from the menu bar on top of your screen.

9) Choose where you want to save it and give it a filename.


Where Should I Use It?

Check box content controls are particularly useful when you want to create a form in Word that can be completed electronically. For example, you could use a check box content control to create a checklist or survey that users can fill out directly in Word. The power of this technique is twofold: first, it saves the user time by eliminating the need for them to switch back and forth between your Word document and a separate program (e.g., Excel) as they complete the form; second, it saves you time by making it easy for you to modify the form whenever necessary without having to redo all of your data entry.


Adding a Check Box to Your Form

If you’re using Microsoft Word to create a form, you can add content controls, including check boxes, text boxes, and date pickers. To insert a check box content control, click the Developer tab on the Ribbon. Then click the Check Box Content Control button in the Controls group. The check box will be inserted at your cursor’s location. For example, if you have just typed Please make sure to choose one of the following: followed by three options that read A, B, and C respectively, then when you place your cursor after the word please, it should automatically insert a check box as well as some instructions for filling out the option. In this case, they would read:


Please make sure to choose one of the following: (A) or (B) or (C). When adding a check box, use the Format Painter feature to format other instances of the same type of content control in your document. You’ll need to press Ctrl+Shift+P once for each instance of the same type of content control you want to change. If you are setting up two related items—say, two radio buttons—you may want them both to be checked initially. You can do this by selecting both radio buttons before clicking Format Painter; then select Fill And Line from the bottom of the window; and finally click OK .


Putting It All Together

If you’re looking for an easy way to add check boxes to your Word document, content controls are the way to go. With just a few clicks, you can add these handy controls and use them to keep track of tasks, create forms, and more. Here’s how to add a new paragraph with check box content control:

1) Select the Text tab on the ribbon.

2) Click anywhere in your document where you want to insert the new paragraph.

3) Click Insert > Text > Check Box Control from the ribbon or press CTRL+K+Q. The cursor will automatically appear within this newly inserted content control box; type as desired, then click outside of it when finished

editing text inside it (or press ESC). You’ll also notice that Microsoft Office Online has created all three versions of this simple form field – read only, single choice, and multiple choice – for you!

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