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IELTS Preparation Course in dubai

The IELTS test consists of four segments

Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening. The IELTS Academic and General Training modules are two different modules. While the reading and writing tests are different in each module, the speaking and listening tests are similar in both. While IELTS General Training is used for professional and immigration purposes, IELTS Preparation Course in Dubai is required for admission to universities and colleges. The content, approach, and objectives of the tasks differ between the Academic and General test versions.

Other elements, such as time allocation, length of written answers, and scoring, are also the same. The speaking and listening sections are the same for all candidates. As the best IELTS preparation center in Al Ain, we guarantee to provide you with the best preparation sessions. Before taking the IELTS test, you should consider the following points.

Academic Module: Choose this module if you want to continue your studies at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, or if you want to become a registered professional such as a doctor, nurse or management professional.

Choose this module if you want to study or train below degree level or if you want to migrate to an English-speaking country (e.g. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the UK). The four test categories covered by the IELTS test modules are Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

READING Module: Familiarize yourself with the different formats of academic texts. Focus on each important aspect of the content provided in all reading passages. Read the questions carefully before attempting to answer them.

WRITING Module: Respond to 2 assignments, following instructions and making the best use of the time available. Write several essays, including persuasive and causal essays. Produce a report with an analysis of graphs and charts. Use correct grammar and writing when interpreting and explaining statistical data. Show improvement in vocabulary and grammar.

Speaking Module: To understand the standards required for candidates to perform well in each of the 3 sections of the IELTS Speaking test. To learn and improve their speaking skills. Demonstrate improvement in speaking skills. To construct, express, and defend ideas using effective grammar and language.

Listening Module: Understand lectures on academic and professional discourse. Recognize the main points and distinguish important supporting information in a formal or academic paragraph. Better listening skills are important to understand the overall concept and manage time effectively. Have a good understanding of the different categories of listening questions and know how to answer them. Course duration The course takes 32 hours and will be completed in one month, at a time convenient to the student.

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