Israel shot down Hezbollah drones heading for a gas well

Israeli officials say it has shot down three Hezbollah drones heading for a gas well in the disputed Mediterranean region.

Israeli military officials say the drones were flown from Lebanon and were shot down by fighter jets as well as missile systems installed on ships.

Hezbollah later admitted that it had launched drones. Tensions have risen between Israel and Lebanon over ownership of the crash gas field.

Amos Hutchinson, a US diplomat with the energy sector, has been pushing for talks between the two countries to resolve the long-running dispute.
Hezbollah has said it decided to target the gas well for its fight. “The mission was successful and the message has been sent,” the statement said.

Last week, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened Israel with dire consequences for working on the gas well.
Israeli Defense Minister Beni Ghent has said that Hezbollah is preventing Lebanon from reaching an agreement on maritime borders. It is vital to the economy and development of the Lebanese people. ”

Hezbollah’s alleged attack comes at a time when Israel is going through political instability. On Thursday, its lawmakers approved the dissolution of parliament, announcing the fifth election in a fourth year.

With the fall of former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s coalition government, the vote will now give right-wing opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu a chance to return to power.

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