JHDPCB.com is a leading online PCB manufacturer with years of development, advanced technology, and an efficient management team. It is also known for its long-term strategic cooperation with leading companies, including medical device manufacturers and LED lighting manufacturers. You can submit Gerber data, schematics, PowerPCB files, and assembly drawings, as well as other relevant information to JHDPCB. Make sure that all files are in a compressed format.


JHDPCB is a professional PCB manufacturer that offers full and partial turnkey electronic manufacturing services. It offers a fast turnaround time to meet your deadlines. Whether your project is urgent or complex, JHDPCB will ensure that your product meets your specifications. The company has been in the electronic manufacturing business for many years, and they have consistently provided excellent quality and on-time delivery. They are a main supplier of circuit boards and other electronic components.


Zhuzhou Hongda Electronics Corp. (Hongda Electronics) is a company based in China, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen. Its address is 14 Hao Dong Zuo Liu Lou. Its phone number is +86-21-3529-0588. And Its website is at jianhongda.com/en.


EasyEDA is a PCB design software program. It is free and can be used to create and modify PCB designs. EasyEDA has a library of components that you can use for creating your PCB designs. You can use it to design your PCB, as well as order PCBs and SMT assemblies. To get started with EasyEDA, all you need to do is sign up for a free account. You can use your Google account to register. Once you have an account, create a new project. Then, add the JLCPCB/LCSC library components to your project. Next, place your parts by using the “wire” tool. Finally, verify the circuit design.

Gerber file viewer

If you are in the process of designing a circuit and want to see if your design will be effective in the printed circuit board, then you should use a Gerber file viewer. This software will allow you to view your Gerber file with a high-resolution image and help you pinpoint any errors. You can download and install the viewer onto your computer. It can also be used to double-check your designs for errors.


In addition to cheap PCB prices, JHDPCB also offers prototyping services. The company’s six factories produce over 600,000 square meters of PCB per month. If you’re interested in creating a prototype board for a new product, JLCPCB is a great place to start. Its PCB pricing tool allows you to request a quote online, and you can upload your PCB Gerber file for a quote.


If you’re looking for a PCB manufacturer, you might want to consider JLCPCB. The company specializes in single layered, multi-layer, and different colored PCB boards. With over one million customers, and processing upwards of 20,000 orders daily, they’re a trusted source for PCBs. They have all of the necessary certificates and legal permissions to operate in this industry. The PCB manufacturing process is done in-house, and the company uses the most advanced techniques for quality assurance.

Customer service

JHD PCB has an excellent reputation for customer service. Whether you are looking to design a PCB or need a repair, we can help. Our staff of 10 customer service representatives is standing by to help you with any PCB related issue. Contact us to get started with your next project. It’s that easy. We’ve been in the business for over 15 years, so we know what it takes to ensure your satisfaction.

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