Let me just name the whole conspiracy with the United States, Prime Minister Imran Khan

Let me just name the whole conspiracy with the United States, Prime Minister Imran Khan

What does America care about me? I have never been an opponent, Shahbaz Sharif is sending a message to the Americans that I am a loyal slave. Address to members of the Assembly on the no-confidence motion

Islamabad (Urdupoint News Latest. 02 April 2022) Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the whole conspiracy was hatched with the United States. He conveyed the message that I am a very faithful slave. don’t know what is going to happened tomorrow . You’re saying goodbye to me the way we lost yesterday, I don’t even think we’re losing tomorrow, you look as nervous as our last dinner, look! People don’t have that much life As far as my competition training is concerned, the basic principle of competition is that the match is not decided until the last ball, your captain is an expert in this matter and no one knows what he will do tomorrow.

Second, when tomorrow’s result will come, I have been noticing since last night that people are realizing that there is a large scale conspiracy against Pakistan and not Imran Khan. This game has been going on since October. Are returning Beggar, Pakistan is the fifth largest country in the world, but it is sending a message to the Americans that I am your biggest loyal slave, then why did Imran Khan say bad things about the European Union? Absolutely not say, we have made 80,000 sacrifices, they do not care about the blood of Pakistanis or drone attacks, but their god is money, that is the conspiracy, such a threat is never given in writing. General Musharraf was also threatened on telephone. Look at the arrogance that if you remove Imran Khan, then we will forgive Pakistan. Relationships will get better.
The sellers of conscience do not know that this is not the time to ask for forgiveness. I have seen deviant members on social media secretly walking like sheep and goats. Thankfully, they are gone. But the amazing thing is that I am getting messages from the people of PML-N, there is trouble in their homes, their wives and children are saying what conspiracy you have become part of.
Achkan is sewn, he doesn’t know what will happen to him tomorrow. He said, “I pay tribute to all the party members. Allah has repeatedly said in the Holy Qur’an that I will test you again and again. I will also test you with money and children.” It turns out, this is how an ideological party is formed, today a great change has taken place in Pakistan, the spirit that we have seen in Pakistan today has never been seen in 25 years, may Allah have mercy on us, turn the hearts of the people If it happened in Pakistan, the whole nation has come together against American conspiracy and thieves, you can never lose, political party comes out of the people, when people stand with political party they can’t lose, see Khyber Pakhtunkhwa election , Won in weak areas.
All the people of PTI have won. This should show where the nation is headed. These were the strongholds of PML-N. Show victory, we remember the people of Punjab raised Bhutto because he gave independence to the nation. You will see tomorrow as the people will come out, the people will protest peacefully against the thieves all over Pakistan, I will never forget those who are standing with me today, thankfully the traitors and those who came for their personal interests are gone and our party It is cleansed of these people, now our party will be an ideological party, but the fund takers are gone.
Thankfully, you don’t have to look at their faces anymore. You are the ones whose conscience no one can value.

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