Logitech MX Master 3 mouse review: The best mouse for productivity

Logitech MX Master 3 mouse review: The best mouse for productivity

If you need to get stuff done at your computer but find it difficult to concentrate due to distractions, the Logitech MX Master 3 mouse could be the best productivity aid for you. This Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled mouse works on almost any surface (including glass), so you can work from anywhere in your home or office, and has 5 buttons that can all be customized to suit your needs. Here’s my Logitech MX Master 3 mouse review and why I love this mouse so much!

About the author

Austin Lau is a freelance writer who mostly covers technology and fitness. Follow him on Twitter @austinlau and check out his other reviews on GizBeat.

Austin has reviewed several products in his time, but some of them are just forgettable. Which isn’t to say they weren’t good; maybe they did their job well, but weren’t interesting or unique enough to garner attention from customers or writers alike. As an uninteresting product tends to be forgotten, we often say such a product falls through the cracks, never really succeeding in its given field.

This doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth releasing though—the market demands many different kinds of things, each with its own intended audience and purpose, after all—but it does mean said product will likely fall into obscurity due to lack of interest from users or pundits alike.

That’s not what happened with Logitech’s new MX Master 3 mouse, however. While not necessarily perfect in every way (no product ever is), the MX Master 3 was designed to succeed where others have failed by focusing on efficiency and ergonomics while still being fun and customizable.

The result? A great-looking device that anyone can use effectively whether at home or work. I had high expectations going into this review because I’ve been following Logitech since the 1990s when they made awesome mice like the Serial Mouse Professional Plus.

But as my love affair with Apple’s Mighty Mouse and Magic Mouse 2 dimmed, I began to see how Logitech’s once sterling reputation took a tumble, particularly as of late when they released lackluster products like their 2016 revision of the Marathon Mouse M705 (which I’m not sure if it was even released outside North America).

But now that I’ve tested this thing out, I’m genuinely impressed with how far they’ve come since then! At first glance, this mouse is quite luxurious thanks to its sleek design, outstanding weight distribution (thanks to two rechargeable batteries), and two beautifully sculpted thumb buttons for your index fingers.

And unlike most gaming mice, the side buttons don’t feel mushy and tacked-on like on Razer’s DeathAdder Elite. You get a satisfying click when you push them down and you can also press both side buttons simultaneously to zoom in and out of web pages without needing to drag your cursor around with two fingers.

For some people, this might sound like a small feature – after all, Windows 10 lets you do it too – but for people who spend hours working on Excel spreadsheets or complex data visualizations, having that one extra shortcut button built right into the mouse makes navigating graphs easier than before. And if you want more shortcuts than these four built-in ones offer, no problem!

 About the product

The Logitech MX Master 3 is our favorite mouse for office use because it’s so versatile and incredibly comfortable. With this device, you get a contoured design that fits nicely in your hand without sacrificing the effortless movement of a traditional ambidextrous style (it’s essentially two mice in one). Aesthetically, it looks great too with a colorful scheme and some cool button configurations.

The magic starts with the dongle (this device uses Bluetooth instead of cables to operate) and how it snaps right into the body like most standard gaming mice today.

It has an instant pairing capability that makes getting started as easy as plugging in any other USB peripheral. It also supports multiple devices simultaneously, which makes it ideal for those who are constantly on the go or work remotely. You can also connect up to six devices at once – though I personally haven’t needed more than two or three tabs open at once during my time using this mouse – making multitasking an easier process than ever before.

On top of all that, it even has a clever charging stand where you just set your device down when not in use and it’ll automatically start charging up when not in use! If you’re looking for a new mouse for your office needs, we definitely recommend taking the Logitech MX Master 3 out for a spin.

The only downside? It doesn’t come cheap with its MSRP being $99. However, considering how much time you’re going to be saving by getting things done faster and smoother, we think it’s worth every penny.

 What did you like?

One of the first things you’ll notice when using the Logitech MX Master 3 is that it has lots of customization features. With this mouse, you can switch between two different DPI settings (800 and 1600) or activate a feature called Flow which helps make smooth transitions from one application to another.

I also found the ergonomic design extremely comfortable to use – even for extended periods of time. It’s contoured to fit in your hand, and provides a natural grip that works really well with people who have carpal tunnel. And, of course, it pairs easily with any laptop or PC device!

One feature that stands out about this mouse is its flexibility. You can literally move the cursor on your screen by just moving the thumb rest. Plus, there are buttons that allow you to customize what each button does. For example, you could set up button 1 as cut and button 2 as paste, so every time you want to cut text from one document and paste it into another all you need to do is press button 1+2 together.

Finally, if you don’t like change then this isn’t the mouse for you because there are over 12 ways in which users can customize their experience. I personally love how customizable this mouse is because it allows me to create my perfect work environment.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a new mouse that will help improve your productivity without spending an arm and a leg then I highly recommend the Logitech MX Master 3. It’s worth every penny!

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