Madhuri Dixit: The journey of ‘Dhak Dhak Girl’ from childhood to 55

Madhuri Dixit: The journey of 'Dhak Dhak Girl' from childhood to 55

“This is Madhuri Dixit, the heroine of our film Abodh.” When I went to meet Sethji in his office in Mumbai, Madhuri was sitting in front of him.

She looked very shy but the next moment she laughed out loud.

I wondered what kind of heroin the people of Raj Shri had taken. So thin, his cheeks were sunken. There was nothing like heroin in it.

But almost five years after this meeting, the same Madhuri Dixit from her film ‘Dil’ had become a heart-pounding, heart-pounding girl of millions and my guess was proved wrong.

Looking at Madhuri’s simplicity, one would not have guessed that this girl would drive millions crazy not only with her acting but also with her beauty and style. Due to her passion, hard work, dance and skill, Madhuri remained on the screen for a long time.
The funny thing is that this magic of Madhuri is still alive today. Now that Madhuri has turned 38 after completing 38 years of her film career, her fans are still giving her the same love that she used to get years ago.

On this birthday of Madhuri, we show you a glimpse of Madhuri’s journey from childhood to fifty-five, due to which Madhuri is one of the top 10 heroines of this century.

Though Madhuri lacks new films today, her magic has not diminished.

Madhuri Dixit was born on May 15, 1967, to a Marathi Brahmin family in Mumbai. Father Shankar Dixit was an engineer by profession and mother Snehalta Dixit was a housewife and was very interested in classical dance and song.

Before Madhuri was born, the Dixit family had three children. Madhuri is the youngest of her four siblings Rupa, Bharati and Ajit.

Mother Snehalta first taught Kathak dance to Rupa and Bharati. When Madhuri was three years old, she joined a Kathak dance class and became an expert in Kathak at the age of 11.
Madhuri, on the other hand, enrolled in Divine Child High School for her schooling. Madhuri was an educated girl from her childhood. At the same time, Kathak dance had become his obsession.

She danced with her sister in school cultural programs. His enthusiasm was heightened at the age of eight when his name first appeared in the newspaper one day after dancing during the Guru Purnima festival.

Although Madhuri had enrolled for a B.Sc. in Parle College for graduation, she soon dropped out due to films.
When Madhuri turned 17, director Govind Mons saw her talents. He met Tarachand Barjatya and his son Rajkumar Barjatya. Shortly afterwards, she became the heroine of his film Abodh.

In the film directed by Haran Nag, Madhuri was playing the role of a young woman named Gauri and the main character was Tapas Pal. Rajshree Productions had made many successful films till then but many of his films flopped continuously in the 1980s.

The condition of ‘Abudh’ was so bad that it could not be shown in the whole country. This made Madhuri very sad. In the early days of my career, I asked Madhuri if she wanted to be an actress since childhood.

Madhuri replied very clearly that I wanted to be a doctor but we had a good acquaintance with Govind Mons Uncle. Interest arose.

Although Madhuri got films like Awara Baap, Swati, Suraksha, Uttar Dakshin and Khatroon Khiladi after Abu Dhabi, seven of her films flopped in a row.
Madhuri was devastated by this failure. Recalling those days, Madhuri says, “I used to cry a lot at home but my mother, my sisters gave me courage. Mom used to say don’t worry, one day you will succeed. ‘

Mother’s words became a miracle again when her film Tezab was released in 1988. The film was a resounding success and her dancing talent was appreciated. When Madhuri as Mohani danced to one or two songs of the film, he did not look back.

The magic of this song and Madhuri’s dance in the film was incomparable. I still remember those scenes, when this song came, the people in the theater got up from their seats and started dancing. Many spectators could reach the front of the screen while dancing and start raining notes.

Because of this song, even those who did not know Hindi remembered the Hindi count. Just the acid changed Madhuri’s fate. Madhuri’s success boosted her confidence. She is convinced that she will continue to do so.

Another of his films with acid in the same year also caused a stir. In this film of producer Feroz Khan, the scenes of Madhuri Dixit’s song “Aaj Phar Pyaar Aaya Hai” also made headlines.
Madhuri was also criticized for these scenes. Madhuri later expressed regret. This is the only film in Madhuri’s entire career in which she crossed a line, otherwise Madhuri would have avoided such scenes.

After that, Madhuri slowly started capturing Hindi cinema. In the film Ram Lakhan, Subhash Ghai showed Madhuri with even more pomp that she has now become a superstar.
Bollywood’s ‘Nafis Villain’ who tried Pashto to get close to movie personalities

Madhuri has so far made about 70 films in her 38-year film career, including hits like Dil, Paranda, Khal Naik, Hum Aap Ke Hain Koun, Anjam, Dil To Paagal Hai, Pukar and Devdas.

While Madhuri Dixit has won a total of six Filmfare Awards in her career, she has been nominated for 17 Filmfare Awards, leaving behind many great actresses. He was also awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 2008.
Marriage, retirement and return
Madhuri Dixit’s life took a new turn when she married Indian-origin doctor Sri Ram Madho Nine on October 17, 1999 at her brother’s home in the United States. When the news of their marriage reached India, many people were shocked.

Now many heroines have started the practice of marriage abroad. Priyanka Chopra’s name has also been included in this list.




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