MBBS In China’s Top Medical Colleges 2022

MBBS In China 2022

MBBS in China for the school structure of Pakistan 2022-2023

China is a safe place for international students who want to Pakmcqs General Knowledge pursue an MBBS degree in China. In recent years, more female students from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Africa, ASEAN countries, and CIS countries have gone to China to study under the MBBS program than male students. Over the past 20-25 years, many Pakistani and foreign students have come to study medicine in China. Studying medicine in China is a smart choice, popular for its low cost and promising returns.

Each year, thousands of international students apply to MOE-listed Chinese universities, such as MBBS Intermediate Bachelor and Bachelor of Surgery and BDS Bachelor of Dental Surgery in China. Chinese universities also offer some form of scholarship to international students in fields other than MBBS, but at the end of the year, all universities offer honors scholarships.

The average cost of MBBS in China for Pakistani students is between 6 lakh and 8 lakh per year, including tuition and hostel fees all year round. If we calculate the cost of MBBS In China 2022 for 6 years, the range will be between 40 and 46 lakh PKR. When it comes to MOE-listed universities that offer MBBS in English, the range of tuition fees starts at PKR 11-12 lakh per year. Therefore, China is one of the best possible options for international students to get their medical degree and surgery degrees at an affordable cost.

We recommend that Pakistani students only apply to PMC category A universities. Students who graduate from a PMC category university can take the PRMP directly, while homeschooled students for one year can take the PMC NLE exam.

Chinese medical universities are certified by the Chinese Ministry of Health, Chinese Ministry of Education, WCAME. Graduates from China can apply for USMLE (America), PLAB (GMC UK), AMC (Australia), and ECFMG certifications.

We offer MBBS in the best Chinese universities for international students. Pakistani students and students from other countries living in Europe such as the USA, and the UK, and Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Sudan, Bahrain, Yemen, and Turkey can apply through our portal online and we will guide you accordingly. & Students can easily obtain a visa from the Chinese embassies in their country of residence.

Nlptech International (since 2011) offers the best medical OTS results universities in China for Pakistani, African, and international students. We are the official and licensed consultants of the MBBS program in China for the recruitment of international students from all over the world who wish to study for an MBBS degree in English.

There are over 200 medical universities offering an English / bilingual MBBS / BDS program and only 45 universities listed by the Ministry of Education offer MBBS / BDS programs in intermediate English. MBBS in China has low-budget universities with quality medical education and world-class medical degrees. Few universities have the highest reimbursement packages, but these are the highest-rated medical schools. The duration of an MBBS course in China is 06 years, including the last year of internship or clinical rotation.

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