MCSE Training Centre In Dubai With Nlptech Professionals

MCSE Training Centre in dubai

MCSE Certification Courses in Dubai

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) is a popular Microsoft certification program for professionals in a variety of industries. MCSE certifies knowledge of Microsoft technologies such as Windows Server and System Center.

This MCSE Training Centre in Dubai trains professionals to manage and develop technical solutions and remain competitive in today’s business world. This MCSE-accredited training enables professionals to obtain MCSE certification, a recognized qualification that can advance their careers.

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Trends in the industry

MCSE qualifications are industry standard, globally recognized qualifications that give professionals an edge over their peers MCSE qualifications offer many advantages and opportunities in the marketplace. Here are some ways to do this.

Market developments

MCSE qualifications are recognized in the IT industry and qualified professionals are in high demand in the job market. Data shows that nearly 90% of hiring managers prefer qualified candidates, and according to the BLS, employment opportunities in the information security sector are expected to increase by 31% between 2019 and 2029. This provides great job opportunities for MCSE-certified individuals.

Salary Trends

IT professionals with Microsoft Certified Solution Specialist qualifications work in a variety of occupations. Studies show that 23 percent of Microsoft Certified Technicians have achieved salary increases of up to 20 percent. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, MCSE-certified professionals are well paid: according to, the average salary for a systems technician in Dubai is AED 70,750 per month.

Demand and opportunities

MCSE-certified professionals are consistently listed as desirable candidates for various positions by various employers and recruiters around the world, and MCSE qualifications make these opportunities readily available by ensuring that they have the necessary skills for their respective roles.

Below are some of the most in-demand MCSE-qualified IT jobs in the Dubai region (as listed on Dubai’s popular job portal).

Systems engineers manage and monitor system performance to ensure reliability and availability.

IT managers plan, organize, control, and evaluate IT and electronic data operations.

IT managers oversee all technology activities and measure them against set targets.

Database administrators are responsible for managing the computer systems that store and organize company information.

Technical support specialists troubleshoot network problems, configure operating systems, and provide direct support via remote connections.

Course outcomes

After successfully completing the MCSE course, you will be able to:

A good understanding of Microsoft server systems and technologies.

Knowledge of Microsoft infrastructure solutions and management of business applications and devices.

Troubleshooting and managing network and user security.

Develop business intelligence solutions for your organization

Develop private cloud solutions

Course Overview

Module 1: Installing and Configuring Windows Server

Module 3: Configuring Windows Server Advanced Services

Module 5: Deploying an Advanced Server Infrastructure

Module 2: Managing Windows Server

Module 4: Planning and Deploying a Server Infrastructure

Program Dates

Specialized instructors and teaching methods

Why trust Nlptech Academy?

Nlptech is the leading provider of MCSE courses in Dubai and helps professionals acquire the skills needed to pass the MCSE certification.

Here are the benefits of our MCSE courses:

We study real-life scenarios faced by organizations and design an MCSE course that assesses the practical requirements.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, this MCSE course focuses on practical case studies that provide a realistic understanding of what it takes to perform complex tasks.

Our tailor-made MCSE course also provides hands-on experience and real-world tasks.

In addition to group courses, we also offer instructor-led classes that enhance the quality of our MCSE curriculum.

We also offer discreet career advice to help you succeed.

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