Nvidia Shield TV Pro Review: The Best TV Streaming Device Yet

Nvidia Shield TV Pro Review: The Best TV Streaming Device Yet

We’ve come a long way since the VCR, but one thing has remained constant: you still have to go over to your TV and turn it on every time you want to watch something. Sure, streaming devices like Roku and Apple TV have solved this problem by plugging directly into your TV, but they don’t offer much in the way of 4K video playback or game playing capabilities — at least not yet. Enter the Nvidia Shield TV Pro, an Android-based media streamer that offers everything from superior audio and video reproduction to 4K HDR gaming capability.

 About the device

So, what does Nvidia Shield TV do? Glad you asked. This device provides a few different functions and is meant to be the new way that people watch TV. It has a very simple-to-use interface, content will always be updated thanks to its built-in performance streaming engine, and it allows users to experience unmatched clarity thanks to both high-definition resolution and HDR (high dynamic range) support. Along with these features comes a wide variety of options for content streaming, including live sports games with no need for any other device or subscription.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in purchasing or are at least curious about trying out, please keep reading our review! We’ll cover some of the more notable features, as well as how to make your purchase on Amazon. We hope you enjoy!

 Apps and games

You can play the most demanding games with their powerful Tegra X1 processor, 4K HDR video and Dolby Atmos audio. But Nvidia’s device also excels in streaming applications like Netflix and Amazon Video thanks to its advanced Wi-Fi chip that supports the latest 802.11ac protocol. If you want to cut the cord but still get high-definition content on your big screen, this is by far the best option.

You can also plug your computer into one of three USB ports and play video through Kodi or other apps available for Windows 10 or Mac OSX. It’s tough to find a better combo than all of that at such a good price point! One thing to note, though: since it runs Android TV (and not Google’s Chromecast) app compatibility may be limited if you’re hoping to cast something from your phone or tablet.

 User experience

The only down side to the NVIDIA SHIELD TV is that it doesn’t offer as many apps as a standard Chromecast or Roku box. That said, they are still supported and worth mentioning. Kodi, an open-source media player with a huge catalog of videos (and official add-ons for watching content) is one of those popular options. Plex Media Server, another app available on the system, is an excellent way to keep all your local video collections organized and accessible.

You can also install other streaming clients such as Netflix and Amazon Video, which both have added functionality on NVIDIA’s hardware. It’s worth noting that Google Play Music isn’t available on this device – but there are plenty of alternatives. In addition to all these entertainment apps, you’ll find plenty of useful software like YouTube (a great place to watch instructional tutorials), Google Photos, and Yelp.

I could go on about the Nvidia Shield TV Pro review forever! It has so much going for it. But I’ll stop here before I end up writing a novel! Overall, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro is an amazing device. Its gaming capabilities alone make it worthwhile to purchase at full price. Add in its extensive feature set and beautiful design, and you have a winning package. If you’re looking for a fantastic 4K HDR streamer that excels at everything from cord cutting features to game playing, then the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro will be your best bet.

I’m sorry I don’t have more time to write this blog post today; I need to get back to work! Thanks for reading!

 Final thoughts

After several weeks of testing, I can say without a doubt that the Nvidia Shield TV Pro is one of the best set-top boxes on the market. You really can’t find a better streaming device for under $200. At $199 for the bundle and $99 for just the box, you’re getting an all-in-one package with impressive features that are hard to beat, especially if you own a 4K HDR TV and care about getting as much information from your television as possible.

If you’re in need of an upgrade, I highly recommend considering this option. It’s a great deal for what you get. There are other devices out there that will do similar things, but not at this price point. And if you have an NVIDIA GPU in your gaming PC, then it would be worth it just for the ability to stream games to your TV. The only downside is that there isn’t any Dolby Vision support yet, but I’m sure it’s coming soon enough.

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