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The gorgeous Australian evergreen climber Hardenbergia Violacea is native to the continent. Common names for this plant include “happy wanderer,” “purple coral pea,” and “lilac vine.” This vine’s rapid and unrestrained growth inspired its common name, happy wanderer. Its popularity as a decorative plant has skyrocketed, and today gardeners of all skill levels may benefit from growing it. Whether you bought it from an online plant shop or a local nursery, you should take proper care. Read this post for detailed information. 

How To Care Hardenbergia Violacea

Before delving into the care instructions for the plant, it needs to be mentioned that you should buy it from a reputed plant shop. The plant must be healthy and disease-free. Follow the further-mentioned tips for a prospering Hardenbergia Violacea:-

  • Watering Instructions

For the first two weeks after a new plant has been put in the ground, it needs to be watered daily. After that, the watering frequency may be reduced to every two or three days, depending on climate and soil conditions. You should anticipate watering less often in clay soils and more frequently in sandy environments since clay soils retain water for longer.

The amount of water needed by various plants varies greatly. Depending on the species, some plants do better in a somewhat drier environment, while others do better in a more continuously damp one. Read the label if you’re wondering what kind of care a certain plant needs. 

The root zone, located about 6-12 inches (15-30 centimetres) from the plant’s base, is the sole part of the plant that needs watering. Investing in a soaker hose is a terrific way to maintain healthy plants while reducing water waste from evaporation. You may also get excellent control over watering by hand using a watering wand fitted with a sprinkler head. If you have a big garden and need a sprinkler, it’s best to use it first thing in the morning so the leaves can dry while the sun is out. Diseases and moulds thrive in damp environments, wreaking havoc on plants.

It’s best to water Hardenbergia Violacea deeply once every several days (up to 8 inches or 20 centimetres) than to water lightly every day. Deep watering encourages roots to spread outward, creating a stronger plant that can withstand drought.

  • Fertilising Instructions

Add fertiliser to the soil while creating plant beds. Plants growing for a while should be fed twice a year, once in the spring and once in the summer. Don’t add fertiliser if it’s getting late in the growing season. This encourages development that is vulnerable to early frosts. 

Fertilisers may be purchased in various forms, including granulated, slow-release, liquid feeds, organic, and synthetic. Choose a product with a nutritional balance that will promote blooming, and use the application technique that works best for the circumstance. 

  • Pruning Instructions

You may pluck fading flowers one by one or wait until the blossoming time has ended and cut the whole flower stem out of the ground. Keeping the plant’s resources directed toward robust development rather than seed production is the goal of removing spent flower stalks. Throughout the growing season, you may freely trim the plant’s foliage to remove diseased or discoloured leaves or to shape the plant. 

After September 1st, don’t cut back your plants. Pruning encourages new growth, but this is vulnerable when the first frosts hit. Hardening off, or getting perennials ready for winter, is an important step. When plants have died to the ground, they may be quickly and easily tidied up by pruning them back to a height of approximately 4 inches (10 centimetres).

Final Words

After reading this article thoroughly, you must be aware of the care tips for this beautiful plant. You can consider buying this lilac vine from an online plant shop to add to the aesthetics of your home garden. 

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