OnPassive – A Review of the OnPassive Business Opportunity

OnPassive is a 3×10 matrix business system where you make commissions from direct recruits. You are on top of the matrix and each branch is responsible for gaining a commission when that person recruits a new member. The more people you recruit, the more your matrix will fill and the more commissions you can earn. You can purchase a matrix bundle for $25 to $500 and then earn a commission each time your matrix fills.

OnPassive’s compensation plan

OnPassive’s compensation plan is based on a 3X10 forced matrix and an auto-enrollment feature. This means that the first level of the company’s pyramid has three members, the second level has nine members, the third level has twenty-seven, and so on up to the tenth level. The next level is an open position, meaning that someone else has already enrolled and has yet to earn. This way, the company can ensure a high level of compensation and reward without having to worry about recruiting.

OnPassive has an interesting compensation plan that helps its registered members earn residual income. This compensation plan is also unique because it features a Spill-over feature. By allowing registered members to earn commissions for every new member they enroll, the company will be able to provide financial security to their members. Moreover, the company launched GoFounders alongside ONPASSIVE, which provides a member registration process and team-building activities.

Its founder

The creator of Onpassive, Mr. Ash Mufareh, is MIT-trained and a former trader. He grew frustrated with the scams that plague the online world and decided to start his own trading business. Onpassive is dedicated to providing traders and business owners with a safe and secure environment to conduct business online. The founder’s technical knowledge, communication skills and desire to help his fellow man are the core of his company.

The company uses Artificial Intelligence and proprietary technologies to create a Smart Business Solution. The ecosystem that surrounds ONPASSIVE consists of partners, providers, customers, and more. Everything you need to run your business is within reach with these technologies. The four technology pillars of OnPassive’s business model are Artificial Intelligence, AI, and automation. In the next section, we will cover how these technologies work together to build a successful business.

Its products

OnPassive is a business opportunity where you can earn residual income by selling advertising credits and automation tools to others. To learn more about how it works, click on the links below to download the OnPassive Business Plan. You can also download the presentation if you prefer. You can view the presentation by clicking on the download button below. Once you’ve downloaded the presentation, you’re ready to move forward with the OnPassive business opportunity.

ONPASSIVE is an ecosystem that utilizes proprietary and conventional technologies to create a Smart Business Solution. This ecosystem comprises partners, providers, and customers. All these parties work together to create an ideal environment for a successful business. All ONPASSIVE products and services are built on four main technological pillars:

Its compensation plan

OnPassive’s compensation plan is not as simple as it sounds. It involves a 3×10 matrix business structure. Members earn commissions directly from their recruits. As they make more recruits, they add another branch to the matrix, which then expands to the next level. Each time the matrix is full, the recruit is paid a commission. The compensation plan costs between $25 and $500 depending on which package is chosen.

In addition to the compensation plan, OnPassive offers advertising credits. These credits are to be used to promote the OnPassive opportunity. This compensation plan is designed to keep people motivated and interested. This compensation plan is one of the most important aspects of the OnPassive opportunity. This plan aims to give you the opportunity to make a full-time income without working, so it is important to understand how OnPassive rewards its partners.

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