Rapper NLE Choppa Talks With New Wave

Bryson Potts – better known by his stage name NLE Choppa – is an up-and-coming Memphis rapper taking local rap global. Recently, he spoke with New Wave Magazine about embracing Memphis style music, community values, and his health and wellness journey.

After the success of his song Shotta Flow, major labels came knocking with offers; but he turned down every offer to maintain ownership over his master recordings.

What’s his story?

20-year-old rapper Rasheed Lamar is an inspiration to others and on a path that he believes will reveal his true purpose. While open about his mental health struggles, Rashid works daily at practicing meditation, veganism, and working alongside his family.

Born Bryson Potts, NLE Choppa began rapping at 14 and began freestyling with friends. Soon thereafter he started uploading videos online, garnering him much acclaim locally and eventually leading him to release his debut mixtape No Love the Takeover that year. Additionally, in 2018, his dancing skills mesmerized viewers on Shotta Fam’s No Chorus Pt. 3 performance which garnered much recognition.

Cottonwood 2 was released as his latest project and proved an immense success, prompting several record labels to sign him on as an artist. But instead of signing multi-million dollar contracts and surrendering ownership over his songs, he elected not to sign and instead retained ownership over them, which enabled him to release additional songs like “Shotta Flow” and “Camelot.” His latest release was Cottonwood 2, an album released November 2020.

Shotta Flow

Shotta Flow was NLE Choppa’s breakout hit when released in January 2019, earning him his first Billboard Hot 100 entry, peaking at number 36 and garnering over 16 million plays on TikTok to date.

Nle choppa age says his lyrics reflect his real-life experiences, with no intention of romanticizing street life; rather he wants to show what life on the streets really looks like.

Shotta Flow was shot in NLE Choppa’s hometown of Memphis, Tennessee and features shots of him driving around in his Lamborghini Huracan as well as him showing off his drug dealing abilities on the streets.

NLE Choppa attracted major-label interest with his “Shotta Flow” music video. However, he decided against any offers in favor of signing with independent label UnitedMasters to distribute his master recordings without incurring an advance and keeping full ownership over them – setting in motion his rapid rise to stardom.

Cottonwood EP

NLE Choppa quickly released Cottonwood EP following the success of Shotta Flow EP. Cottonwood featured more ambitious production values with short films and music videos for six of its songs.

Rap star D-Train knows exactly how to win over his audience with infectious beats and relatable lyrics, as evidenced by this new EP which showcases both of those abilities – with songs like “Step” creating excitement while tracks like “Untold” provide soothing moments.

Though the project provides a solid starting point for rapper, at times it may become repetitive due to similar production and melodies found on Shotta Flow – this could become tedious for listeners.

NLE Choppa continues to expand upon his street music foundation on Cottonwood and proves he has more to offer the hip hop world than a single trick. We can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next!

What’s next for NLE Choppa?

NLE Choppa, an accomplished rapper, has taken his career to new heights with his song, “Intro.” This introspective track highlights a more mature side of the artist while maintaining his signature energetic delivery and distinct sound. Additionally, its powerful lyrics speak volumes about resilience and growth within this artist’s journey.

NLE Choppa of Shotta Flow fame has made it clear that music is his top priority and refuses to let the pursuit of money affect his art. This approach has paid dividends as NLE Choppa has quickly established himself as one of rap music’s hottest up-and-comers.

NLE Choppa is making waves with his lifestyle choices and charitable endeavors. The young rapper has adopted meditation and veganism, leading him to live healthier lifestyle and positively impact his community. Furthermore, NLE Choppa donated to Food on Foot which provides meals to people in need.

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