Revature Talks About the Approach to Maintain Towards Job Change


Change can be scary for many. A large number of people feel comfortable with stability, and get overwhelmed whenever something changes. As a result, they feel afraid to change their career, even if they are not happy in their current profession. Realizing that excitement and fear are two sides of the same coin is important for people. Much like they feel a level of thrill while visiting a haunted house, a career change can also be an exciting endeavor. People must not let fear come in between the career of their dreams. If taking the leap seems too difficult, one can also seek assistance from talent acquisition companies like Revature, who help people to smoothly change their careers.

Revature points out the advantageous aspects of switching to a career in tech

Contrary to the popular belief, changing jobs is not actually a nightmare, especially if one is moving to the field of tech. According to the estimates of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 409,500 new software development jobs will be added in the next decade, to the over 1.8 million jobs already available. A good number of these jobs are likely to be lucrative and rewarding. Some of them might be in different cities as well. If one is unwilling to move, then they may miss out the chance of working for Fortune 500 companies. Rather than letting fear narrow down the job search, people must think about the developments that might await them in new cities. Every city has its distinctive opportunities and experiences.

In a survey, 49% of professionals answered that they had made a dramatic career change. IT and software are especially becoming popular destinations for job change. LinkedIn reported recently that the number of industry switchers entering the domain of tech had boosted by almost 35% since 2019. It is among the most attractive fields for making a career at the moment. If a person really wants to work in tech, they need not worry whether or not their skills are a good match. Even if they do not have all the skills and knowledge right now, they can always learn. Moreover, one may even have transferable skills that would prove to be valuable in the tech field. Someone might be a good problem solver, with the ability to think outside the box. On the other hand, someone else may have great team building and communication skills. All these abilities are highly useful in a tech career. Revature is a prominent company that has helped thousands of people to land a job in tech without prior experience. Regardless of the background of a person, this company can help them to launch a career in tech.

People get only two choices at any crossroads. They may either stay at their mundane job or take a bold step into unknown. Even though the former choice seems to be less scary initially, but that is not the full picture. Imagining a high-paying tech career, in an exciting new city with a thriving social circle is definitely better than being stuck at a job that a person does not even like.

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