Sony X900H/XH90 4K HDR TV Review: The Best of Sony’s TVs

Sony X900H/XH90 4K HDR TV Review: The Best of Sony's TVs

How does Sony’s X900H/XH90 4K HDR TV stack up against its competitors? With major improvements to the picture quality, design, and smart platform, this TV is a hit with both critics and consumers alike. Learn more about what makes this the best TV in its price range by reading the full Sony X900H/XH90 4K HDR TV review .

 Design, build quality and features

Unlike OLED, the X900 H and XH90 use LCD (liquid crystal display) panels with LED backlights. This means that the viewing angle is less than that of OLED, but there is also a big improvement in brightness and contrast. As for color accuracy, the new triluminos panel in these Bravia models beats all other LCD TVs, with gamut as good as or better than OLED – though not as good at dark black levels. Color accuracy aside, these are some of the brightest televisions on the market today – beating out other big-name brands like Samsung and LG.

One downside is that unlike most TVs these days, you can’t get them in sizes under 43 inches. They’re also expensive; $1,500 for the 55 inch model, $2,500 for 65 inches and $3,000 for 75 inches. But if you want to have a high-end home theater experience this Christmas season, this may be your best bet.

 Picture Quality

I was blown away by the picture quality. I found myself watching the same thing over and over because the colors just seemed to be more vibrant than any other time I had watched it before. Sitting back, feeling like I was in front of a projector screen, is something that anyone can experience with this television. Truly outstanding! When I watched Planet Earth II on Netflix for the first time on my new Sony X900H/XH90 4K HDR TV, I felt like I was actually there.

In one scene where baby turtles are hatching on the beach, you could see each strand of their little feet as they wiggled out from under their shell. What made me happy about seeing this show again is that it reminded me of how much the show meant to me when I first saw it years ago. It’s crazy how much detail you could make out with such clarity now.

The audio also added an incredible layer to my viewing experience. When the dialogue sounded so crisp and clear or when the dramatic music came through, I felt transported into whatever world I was watching. Seeing what has happened on our planet so vividly through images and sound truly made an impact on me. As if all these amazing features weren’t enough, there are additional features included in this model worth mentioning as well.

For example, Dual View allows two people who are sitting side-by-side to watch different programs at the same time while still being able to talk with each other via voice chat or text message without interrupting what they’re watching on their own screens.

 Motion Handling

This TV is insanely good at handling motion. I watched my favorite show the other day, that had a lot of scenes in cars driving and it felt like I was actually there because the car looked so real. It felt like when I played my favorite video game as a kid! You can’t go wrong with this TV if you’re looking for realistic motion quality.

They do an amazing job at making everything look so lifelike on screen. One thing to note is that it may not be able to handle 24p content, which could make some people unhappy. But they should consider their preference before they buy the product since most shows are broadcasted in 1080p anyway and thus wouldn’t have this issue anyway.

All in all, motion handling on this TV is incredible and won’t disappoint you. When buying a TV, one has to think about what they want out of their experience. If they want realistic motion then this is the perfect choice! I would highly recommend this television for someone who wants great viewing experience without sacrificing any features.

 Inputs, Sound Quality & Conclusions

The Sony X900E was just one of many TV offerings from the company. But with the company moving to its new designation of flagship status, this new series introduces three flagship TVs into the market.

These include two OLED and one LED model, which are marketed as the true successors to 2016’s A1 Bravia line-up. Being such a high-end series for Sony in 2017, there was much anticipation for this new flagship model following a rocky 2016 for the brand.

However, does it live up to expectations? We think so! Here are some important aspects that make these televisions awesome; firstly, their input selection. You can have an HDMI source, either analog or digital audio outputs, composite video inputs and even USB ports (2). There is also an optical digital audio output that supports Dolby Digital and DTS decoding. Furthermore, you can view your photos on the screen by using a memory card reader.

This is all then coupled with clear voice dialogue thanks to four built-in microphones in each television set and S-Force Front Surround 3D sound processing (both of which were introduced last year). Finally, when you turn off your screen but still want to enjoy entertainment on your big screen – because who doesn’t like saving energy – you can plug your headphones into the headphone jack found on every television set.

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