The AirPods Pro 2: Everything We Know About the Rumored Apple Earbuds

The AirPods Pro 2: Everything We Know About the Rumored Apple Earbuds

The AirPods Pro 2 (or whatever Apple decides to call them) are finally here, more than a year after the debut of the original AirPods. The earbuds, which are said to cost $150 and have an upgraded wireless chip, have been plagued by numerous delays and technical issues that have pushed their official release date back by months. Now that they’re here, however, it’s important to know what exactly the AirPods Pro 2 (or whatever Apple decides to call them) are and how they differ from the standard AirPods you can buy now.

 What are they?

Apple’s newest creation, known as the AirPods Pro 2, is a rumored addition to the original airpod models. There are a lot of improvements that are being discussed in regards to these new airpods. The first major improvement that was found through leaks, was an increase in battery life. The initial leak said that these pods would last up to four hours more than their previous version.

This is more than enough for those who don’t use them on a daily basis or have difficulties getting away from charging ports during their day. Next, there has been speculation on whether they will include Touch ID or not (this answer has not yet been revealed). What we do know is that Siri integration is said to be more natural and improved with this newest release.

 Why do they exist?

Apple’s AirPods are just three years old, and yet rumors are already swirling about a new, improved model. This is partly because of the success of this first iteration, with more than 17 million sold in total; but it’s also thanks to competitors like Samsung and Google, who have released their own premium wireless earbuds. When it comes to features, we’re expecting improvements on connectivity range, noise-canceling technology, and sound quality. And there’s been speculation that Apple may create an updated version that provides in-ear heart rate monitoring capabilities.

AirPods Pro 2 are rumored to be released this fall alongside iOS 13 and two new iPhone models. The next generation is likely to include touch sensitivity, longer battery life (the current ones last up to five hours), water resistance, and better Bluetooth pairing. All of these things would make them easier to use while running or working out.

The current AirPods are rated IPX2 for splash-proofing, which means they can withstand sweat from workouts or outdoor adventures. It’s unlikely that the next generation will be any different. In terms of design changes, though? So far nothing has leaked other than possible images of prototype models in parts leakages via Slashleaks’ Twitter account (@SlashLeaks).

 When will they be released?

We don’t know when they’ll be released, but we have a few reasons to believe they could come as soon as this fall. For one, Apple is rumored to be releasing new iPhones this September, and if that’s true then it makes sense for them to release new earbuds that match the latest design.

Second, if we look at the rollout for their last generation of AirPods, we see that there was just under a year between their debut and launch date. But third and most importantly, another rumored new product (AirPower) will use a bunch of these yet-to-be-released Bluetooth headphones in order to charge wirelessly. If you’re going to make a product like that, why not include an upgrade to your own? Seems like a no-brainer!

What are some features?: So far all the rumors point to new features on the next iteration of AirPods. First, two separate sources say that there will be more than one size available; this would give people who want smaller earbuds more options. One source also said that they’ll have health sensors in them so you can track things like heart rate or blood pressure. Finally, some rumors say they’ll also come with noise cancellation abilities–something that competitors already offer–which would certainly improve the experience for many users.

 How much will they cost?

At this point, there are so many predictions floating around about how much these earbuds will cost that it’s nearly impossible to nail down an accurate number. The AirPods 2 will likely be priced at a similar rate as their predecessor- assuming Apple wants to keep up with current market trends.

We’re not sure exactly when these earbuds will come out, but some experts predict a release date sometime in 2020 or 2021. These rumors are likely inspired by the difficulties involved in mass producing such a product (especially because of their miniscule size). But, for now, all we can do is wait and see what happens!

The original AirPods cost $159 which was considered high at that time. However, since then, many other companies have released wireless earbuds starting at around $129 with higher end options going up to $249- so a price point around that range seems reasonable. Plus with newer models on the market- you might even be able to find it at a cheaper price point

 What features should we expect?

Apple’s newest iteration of their groundbreaking wireless earphones, dubbed the AirPods Pro 2, is rumored to have a few exciting updates that may make it the earbuds you’ve been waiting for. If released in 2020, these new features are predicted to include better noise-canceling, sound quality improvements and hands-free voice assistant accessibility.

For those who love their iPhone but prefer wireless earphones that don’t require charging every few hours, this may be just what you’re looking for. Other likely additions to this model will likely be waterproofing and sweatproofing as well as a more even weight distribution with updated speakers positioned closer to your ears. Stay tuned! As more information on this product is released, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

 Will they feature noise cancellation?

What features do you want in the AirPods Pro 2? What new, must-have feature would compel you to purchase them when they launch? Or are you loyal to your original set and will stick with them for now? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

While we don’t have any concrete information about what improvements or additions might come to a future iteration of Apple’s iconic earbuds, we can speculate based on past releases from the company.

For example, one key addition that might make sense is some sort of noise cancellation. The technology does have its limitations—it isn’t capable of totally blocking out loud ambient noises or voices—but it could be used selectively to mute background noise while you attend to another task.

And it seems plausible that someone at Apple (probably engineers working on Siri) might be interested in leveraging noise cancellation more fully than is currently possible; after all, automatic speech recognition has always been an area where acoustic feedback plays a role.

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