The Best 65-inch TVs of 2022: Big Screens for Every Budget

The Best 65-inch TVs of 2022: Big Screens for Every Budget

How do you decide which 65-inch TV to buy? Well, the most important thing you should consider is the size of your living room, as well as how close you’ll be sitting to the TV while watching it. But even with that in mind, not all 65-inch TVs are created equal! For example, if you have over $1500 to spend on a new 65-inch TV and prefer to stream your movies and shows online instead of paying an additional monthly fee, then maybe the Samsung UN65NU7100FXZA will be perfect for you.

 65-Inch 4K HDR Smart TV

In the market for a great 65-inch TV? After checking out hundreds of reviews and models, we narrowed it down to these three winners. Check them out below!

* The Samsung Q9FN is our overall favorite and most highly recommended option. This QLED display offers exceptional brightness, supreme image quality, and impeccable sound quality. You can find this one in both 55- and 82-inch sizes. This one is at the higher end of the price spectrum but definitely worth it if you want an excellent TV.

* If you’re looking for something with awesome picture quality but don’t need 4K HDR or quite as high contrast, then the LG OLEDB8P is your best bet – because all of its competitors are less expensive than it! These come in 55-, 65-, and 77-inch screen sizes. It has tons of features that make it easy to enjoy anything from watching movies on Netflix to gaming on Xbox One S or PS4 Pro. Another excellent choice is the Sony Bravia XBR85X900F which comes in 50-, 75-, and 85-inch versions. It has a stunningly accurate color range, deep blacks, and very vibrant colors (even when viewed from off angles). For those who care about sound quality, this TV’s speakers are capable of delivering some powerful output levels without distortion even at very high volumes.

 Samsung Q70R

The Samsung Q70R TV offers an unbelievably large screen and surprisingly budget-friendly price tag. With QLED technology, you’ll be immersed in a lifelike picture that pops off the screen like never before. You’ll love how real the shadows, color and detail are with this television set. It’s the perfect way to see every intricate detail in your favorite series or movie without hunching over to see what’s happening on screen. What really makes this model special is how easy it is to share all those moments from your TV with other people, too.

Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to enjoy wireless content streaming through Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. For more options, there’s also built-in Bluetooth for viewing photos and videos from your mobile device. And when it comes time to take a break from watching TV or playing games on the big screen, head into Samsung’s Smart Hub where there are plenty of apps available as well as content channels including Disney Junior, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HDTV Network, Food Network HDTV Network and Lifetime HDTV Network.

Sony X930E 65′′

We’ve been intrigued by the Sony X930E since we first heard about it last year. The model is so new that not a lot of people seem to know about it, but we think they’ll start catching on soon enough—especially if they haven’t yet been able to upgrade their home theater.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on one and put it through its paces; suffice it to say, this TV is out of this world in terms of quality. At just under $2,000, the X930E might be the perfect choice for serious TV enthusiasts who are on a budget. It offers impressive contrast ratios and color accuracy as well as some of the best audio performance we’ve seen.

If you want 4K resolution with HDR compatibility and Dolby Vision support, this is your guy (or girl). In fact, it has more advanced features than most televisions that cost two or three times as much. Bottom line: the Sony X930E may not have all the bells and whistles found on fancier models, but what it does offer will blow you away.

The downside? You won’t find any streaming services built into the set, which means you’ll need an external device like a Chromecast Ultra or Roku Stick+ to access Netflix and other streaming apps. But again, if money is tight and you really care about picture quality then this shouldn’t bother you too much. For us? It was worth every penny!

 Vizio PQ65-F1

In 2020, Vizio released their first foray into the higher end market with their PQ65-F1. It’s big, beautiful, and pricey. This model offers a full premium suite of features as well as high quality aesthetics that make it perfect for just about any viewing room. I found this TV to have a very uniform display with deep blacks and bright whites across the board.

The peak brightness is 700 nits which means you won’t be missing out on anything when you’re enjoying your favorite shows and movies under those sunshiny skies! One thing I found disappointing was the local dimming feature didn’t do much to help enhance the darker content on screen; in my experience it’s basically non-existent.

 TCL S405

TCL’s S405 is the budget option. It is a 4K TV with a 55 inch display. With Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, it also has HDR10 compatibility. The refresh rate of 120Hz can be adjusted and the smart functionality is controlled by an Rtidio voice remote which gives you voice search, voice control and access to Google Play Movies & TV, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more without needing to leave the screen. The only downside to this TV would be that there is no backlight adjuster so if viewing in bright lighting conditions this may cause your eyes to tire quicker than they might on other sets.

This ultra high definition set delivers stunning images that will blow your mind when watching up close. The beautiful imagery comes from the display being made from some of the latest technology available. LG’s Display OLED provides crystal clear clarity with every color shinning brighter than ever before.

Samsung’s QLED technology offers what is known as quantum dot technology, meaning that every pixel can emit its own light instead of relying on an outside source like LEDs or fluorescent lamps to do so, providing better brightness levels and accuracy when producing hues that are closer to real life colors than ever before seen in any other TV sets. If all these features don’t convince you then maybe our favorite quality will; both companies provide a 10 year warranty against burn-in!

 LG OLED65C8PUA 65′′

LG has really improved their OLED technology over the years, and this TV is no exception. The 4K resolution and exceptional black levels make it hard to beat. We also love the voice activated remote control, which allows you to adjust volume, change channels, and even change inputs just by speaking into the remote.

It’s a pricey model that won’t suit everyone’s budget, but this TV will last a long time if taken care of properly so could be worth considering as a future investment. 100’′: The TCL R61700 100’′ LED Roku Smart TV is our favorite budget option. For less than $600, you get 1080p full HD with smart features built in and access to all the major streaming services. You don’t have many bells and whistles here (though there are plenty of apps), but what it lacks in features it makes up for in affordability!

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