The Best Film Cameras of 2022: From Classic to Modern

The Best Film Cameras of 2022: From Classic to Modern

It’s no secret that analogue photography has seen something of a revival in recent years, and with good reason; the way film treats light and colour means that even the cheapest film cameras can produce results which are more nuanced and interesting than some of their digital counterparts. Plus, while they’re far from being easy to come by, it’s possible to get your hands on genuinely classic film cameras, which can look as beautiful as they take photographs. If you want to find out more about the best film cameras 2022 has to offer, then read on.

 What Are They?

Today, the most well-known use for film cameras is among those looking for a more distinctive quality photo. These cameras allow for more flexibility in what you can do with your photos. However, it’s important to know that film cameras are costly and that even just buying the films for them may set you back a pretty penny. Before diving into this world, be sure you have the knowledge needed about which type of camera is best suited for your needs.

Some cameras are easier to work with than others, some produce sharper images than others, and some offer different functions like panoramic shots or infrared film. No matter which one you decide on, however, there’s no denying that these classic cameras provide an experience unlike any other kind of photography out there today. What makes film cameras so special? Well, for starters, there’s the fact that you’re shooting on something tangible; instead of digital files saved onto your computer or phone, you’re actually printing out physical photographs from rolls of 35mm celluloid.

And when you do finally get them developed (usually at around two weeks after they’ve been taken), they’ll have a level of authenticity unmatched by anything else available today. You can feel each grain in every picture and marvel at how beautiful imperfections really are. As Kodak slogan says You press the button, we do the rest. It was true then and it’s still true now.

In addition to being a unique experience, using film cameras has many benefits over digital cameras as well. For instance, if you want to take pictures in low light situations without using flash or risking blurring due to movement, old fashioned film will help you take clear pictures even during night time hours. Plus, as we mentioned before, there’s always going to be a sense of nostalgia attached with any roll of 36 exposures because nobody takes photos anymore – why would they? When was the last time you printed off one of your Instagrams?

Exactly! The best part about film cameras is that they make you appreciate not only the moment but also everything that went into creating the image. There’s nothing quite like getting prints of your vacation all framed up and hung up on the wall to remind you of just how much fun it was. Whether or not we love having so much technology available today, it’s hard to deny that people need reminders from time to time. That might sound overly sentimental but it’s true nonetheless; especially when we remember just how far our society has come since its inception.

Why Buy One?

Analogue cameras are not only a timeless way to document your life, but also an environmentally friendly option. When you buy an analogue camera, you aren’t being cruel to the environment with plastic parts or electronics that need a battery. You’re also going back in time and connecting with the ancestors before us who used analogue cameras to document their lives as well.

Analogue cameras allow people from any age bracket an opportunity for visual expression in an engaging process – no matter if you’re three years old or ninety-three. With so many options out there, it can be hard to know which one is best for you. Below is a list of some favourite film cameras that we recommend. They’re all easy to use, inexpensive and come with built-in lenses!

  • Lomo’Instant Wide (starting at $99)
  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera (starting at $129)
  • Lomography Belair Instant Camera ($359)
  • Diana F+ SLR Camera ($499) · Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR Camera Kit with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens + 32GB SD Card + Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer ($869)
  • Nikon D3400 24MP DSLR Digital Camera & 18-55mm VR Lens Kit Black (£549)

 How Much Do They Cost?

Along with the price, you’ll need to budget for film and processing. The cost per roll varies greatly depending on which camera you’re using, but on average it ranges from $8-$25 per roll. If you are choosing a traditional film camera, be sure that you have the appropriate battery for the back-up shutter release if the built-in one doesn’t work. Most cameras come with at least 3 packs (120 frames) of films as well. There are also additional costs such as storage and post-processing which we’ll discuss later in this guide.

Though these expenses may seem daunting, they aren’t much higher than what you would spend on modern digital camera equipment over the same period of time – and then there’s no editing or transferring involved! That being said, remember that all analogue cameras require maintenance. They can be sensitive pieces of machinery and so long as you treat them right and use them regularly, they will serve you well.

 Our Picks

Picking the best film camera is an easy task. Deciding which one to buy for you is hard. For the budding photographers who like the sound of things analog and vintage, we’d recommend a Canon Sure Shot A1 with our brownie partner in crime, a Polaroid Packfilm 1000. And if you’re all about that modern life, get your Instagram game on point with a Leica M9-P complete with leitz Summicron 35mm lens.

Our faves are all interchangeable – what works for you? For the not so budget conscious buyers out there, this could be your year! Buhler & Co has a variety of top notch cameras to choose from ranging from classic black and white images to color photos. If you have $5k lying around and are looking for something truly high end, their Zorki 4K (manual focus) may be worth checking out! It comes equipped with Zeiss Biogon f2.8 50mm lenses so it’s perfect for low light situations, landscape photography, and anything else you can think of.

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