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IELTS preparation courses in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi

IELTS – International English Language Testing System is one of the most popular language tests in the world. Jointly owned by the British Council and IDP, it is recognized as an indicator of language proficiency for university admissions, as well as for immigration purposes.

There are two types of tests:

General tests (for immigration and visa purposes)

Academic tests (for educational purposes).

The exams are administered in both paper and CBT form, with the CBT version being a computer-based test. The difference between the two is that IELTS results are published within 14 days for the paper test and within five working days for the CBT.

The spoken portion of both exams still takes place one-on-one with an examiner. There is no limit to the number of times you can take the IELTS Preparation Course in Dubai, and it is highly recommended that you do intensive preparation to be fully prepared and get the results you want.

The test consists of four sections. The first section is Listening, followed by Reading. The third section is Writing; the Speaking section is taken on the same day or the day before, depending on availability. There are several test dates and you can book the date that suits you. The Reading and Writing sections of the IELTS General Test and the IELTS Academic Test are slightly different.

Do you understand the format of the IELTS test?

Understand each section of the test. The Listening section lasts 30 minutes and involves listening to four types of audio recordings, including dialogues and monologues, and answering questions about the recordings. The Reading section, on the other hand, consists of three longer passages and corresponding questions.

The Writing component of the IELTS General Test consists of letters and essays, while the Writing component of the IELTS Academic Test consists of reports and essays. The Writing component, particularly Task 2, requires you to write a minimum of 250 words in 40 minutes. Most students have difficulty writing essays.

Preparation for the Writing component requires a thorough understanding of grammar and vocabulary, as well as essay structure. The lessons and structure of the course are designed to give students the skills they need to move from Level 7 to Level 8. This course will not only prepare you for the exam in an appropriate way, but will also improve your overall language skills.


Most students think this exam is easy because it only tests language skills. We often have confidence in our language skills because we use them in our daily communication. However, we do not realize that it is important to understand how the test is structured and how it is administered in order to pass a standardized test.

We recommend that you take the time to practice and familiarize yourself with the structure of the test so that you do not have any problems on test day.


Our intensive preparation course is designed to help you pass the exam on the first attempt.  We offer both group and premium individual courses.  Our experienced instructors, who take the exams themselves, are graded 8+ for all modules. Their experience can help you understand the different types of tasks and their unique approaches. They have over 10 years of coaching experience helping students achieve their goals and desired outcomes.

Proven Strategies: Nlptech coaches are constantly working to improve strategies to help you understand key concepts.

Certified Trainers: Our trainers are self-testing teachers who have scored above Band 8 on all modules.

IELTS preparation and training courses:

Nlptech offers a total of 39 hours of face-to-face training, 24 hours of themed activities, and 15 hours of virtual exams. We offer 5 full IELTS practice tests that can be taken at a time that suits the student.

You can choose between group classes and private lessons. Private lessons can be scheduled according to teacher availability and your needs. We also have six centers in the UAE that you can easily move between, making the learning process seamless no matter where you are. With online courses and greater flexibility, we help you fit IELTS courses into your busy schedule.

IELTS course support:

  • Nlptech courses are supported using state-of-the-art test materials developed by Cambridge. We also provide students with all the necessary training tools.
  • Nlptech offers SAT preparation courses.
  • Nlptech offers several IELTS preparation packages that can be customized.
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