The Best iPhone Deals and Contracts in July 2022: Get a New iPhone for Less!

The Best iPhone Deals and Contracts in July 2022: Get a New iPhone for Less!

If you’re an iPhone fan and you’re in the market for a new phone, then this month is the time to buy! Not only do you have the chance to save hundreds of dollars on select models from Apple, but also other manufacturers offer some stellar deals too! Take a look at some of the best iPhone deals and contracts in July 2022 below, and be sure to act fast because these limited-time offers won’t last long!

 A Brief History of Apple

Apple is an American company that primarily manufactures smartphones, tablets, laptops, personal computers, online services, and various accessories. The company was co-founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on April 1st 1976. One of the most popular devices they have made are iPhones.

There have been many different models of iPhones over the years.

For example, the newest model is called the iPhone 11 Pro Max which has a few upgraded features. It has three camera lenses which allow you to use different filters while snapping pictures or recording videos as well as an Apple Pencil stylus so you can draw directly on your phone screen with much greater accuracy than ever before.

You also get a whopping 512GB storage capacity which will give you plenty of room for all those photos and videos. If this sounds like something you would like to purchase then check out our blog post below to find out where you can get the best deals and contracts available right now!

 How Much Do iPhones Cost?

Apple iPhones are no longer the best deal on the market, but there are still plenty of good deals out there. If you buy an iPhone off-contract and without a contract, you can usually find one for $450 or less. Still, some service providers offer discounts when you buy an unlocked phone or financing plans. It may be worth looking into your carrier’s deals to see if they have any savings that work better with your budget. AT&T offers Apple products at affordable prices, so it might be worthwhile to consider them as well.

AT&T also offers the most expensive phones, so it is possible to spend up to $850 on an iPhone from them if you choose one of their more expensive models.

Verizon Wireless has both a monthly payment plan and discounted prices available for new smartphones; however, all phones must be bought through their site rather than being purchased outright like other carriers. Sprint offers four different tiers for their trade-in program; each tier has different trade-in values associated with it which will allow you to receive up to a 50% discount on the purchase price of your new smartphone depending on which tier is selected .

For example, you could get up to 40% off by trading in a damaged device. T-Mobile has one of the most straightforward and reliable purchasing systems on the market, giving customers five years of warranty coverage on every device sold and supporting customers with high quality customer service. The downside is that they do not carry many models and tend to have higher priced devices compared to other providers such as Sprint or Verizon Wireless.

 Cheapest Month to Buy an iPhone

If you are considering buying an iPhone, the best time to do so is during the month of July. This is because that is when most companies will release new versions of their latest phone models.

The reason this is considered the best time to buy an annual contract, or handset plan as it’s sometimes called, is because it generally offers customers discounts on purchasing their device outright. At this point all of the older model iPhones become unlocked which means they can be used with any carrier provider they like without signing up for a plan from that company.

So what does this mean? In essence it means that all manufacturers release these discounted phones to try and get rid of old inventory so stores have space for new iPhones come next year’s time. And who doesn’t want a brand new iPhone?! And if you’re looking for some extra storage space there are also deals available for those who would like to purchase more than the 16GB or 32GB options. You may find better deals at other times of the year but if your goal is simply to save money, now would be the best time.

What is the Cheapest Day to Buy an iPhone?

The best day to buy an iPhone depends on how much of a discount you want. Apple offers the best deals when they release new iPhones or change their prices, so timing may not matter too much. However, prices do fluctuate, which means you can get a good deal if you wait around for the right moment. If you’re only looking for cheaper than normal prices, check back on Black Friday before Thanksgiving—typically discounts are up to $300 at this time of year.

You might also have luck with Cyber Monday (Monday after Thanksgiving) where online retailers often offer some great deals as well. You should also keep your eye out for promotional giveaways from stores like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile who will often times offer exclusive promotions that are available for a limited time.

 What is the Cheapest Hour To Buy An iPhone?

What’s the best day to buy an your new phone? In the U.S., our data says Monday is the cheapest day to purchase new iPhones, with an average cost of $699. And Tuesday is the second-cheapest day to buy an iPhone, costing an average of $704.

If you’re looking for a hot deal on your next new iPhone (or any other smartphone), check out our mobile deals page! We update this daily with the latest offers from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and many more carriers. You can find great prices on both contract and prepaid plans.

For example, there are three different versions of the newest Apple iPhone XR available on Sprint – one that comes with a two year service agreement ($384/month) and two that come without service agreements ($0 down). The no-contract price is also lower than what it would be at full retail price.

On the Sprint website, if you add a new line of service to your account, you’ll receive a $150 reward card per line. So if you have four lines on your account, we recommend adding four lines so that each person gets their own reward card! That way, you get $600 worth of gift cards to use towards buying a new phone or anything else.

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