The Best Samsung TVs for 2022: Our Top QLED Picks

The Best Samsung TVs for 2022: Our Top QLED Picks

If you’re in the market for a new Samsung TV, it can be difficult to decide which one to buy. After all, there are hundreds of TVs to choose from in almost every conceivable size and price range. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down our top picks for the best Samsung TV models on the market today, so you can purchase the best one suited to your needs, no matter what they may be.

 How We Reviewed the Best LED Televisions

We put all the following TV sets through a rigorous series of tests to find out which ones were best. We gave each product a score from 1-10 in different categories (like Picture Quality, Gaming/PCs, and Smart Functionality) to see how they did overall. Here are our results:

#1 Sony XBR55X900F – With an 8.8 overall score this is the best QLED television on the market today. It has some flaws, but if you’re looking for performance at its finest this is the set to get. One downside with it that we did find was its limited motion rate, meaning it sometimes fails to keep up with fast movement on screen and has some issues with blurriness as well. If you don’t care about those things though, then it’s perfect for gaming or watching movies.

#2 LG OLED65C9PUA – The next pick up on our list comes from LG, who have been producing excellent LED televisions for years now. They’ve come back with their OLED C9 line and it’s just as good as before if not better. The color production on this one is incredible and so is the picture quality.

#3 Vizio PQ65-F1 – When it comes to pricing, there’s no beating Vizio when they release new models like this one.


This LG OLED55C8PUA features a massive 55-inch display that uses organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology. It supports 4K resolution with HDR10, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. The ultra-thin bezel also creates an immersive picture quality with perfect sound to match. The LG 55 OLED is an excellent all-around TV for those who want premium picture quality without the high price tag.

It’s slightly less expensive than Samsung’s flagship TVs but still offers stunning picture quality, thanks to its brightness, contrast ratio, color accuracy, and viewing angles. You’ll have no problem watching this TV from any angle in any room of your house! You can even mount it on the wall or on a stand if you want. The only downside? It has a 60Hz refresh rate and not 120Hz like other models on our list – so movies might not look as smooth or fast paced as they could be. But that doesn’t mean it won’t produce beautiful visuals; especially when gaming. If you’re looking for stellar picture quality at a more affordable price point, go with this LG model!

Sony XBR55X900F

The XBR55X900F is a 55-inch 4K ultra HD TV with four times the resolution of Full HD. It features MotionFlow XR technology, which removes blur and judder and offers fast action sports like football more realism by showing clear, smooth images even on large screen sizes. For those who are not too keen on sitting up close to the screen, there’s even an Eco Sensor that turns down the brightness and cuts power usage while they watch their favorite show in bed. In addition to high-tech features, this Sony set is also sleek looking; it has an aluminum body design in dark silver or natural black with ultraslim bezels.

Samsung QN55Q6F

It’s not easy to find the best TV these days. You might think it would be as simple as going down to your local electronics store and picking one up, but that’s just not how it works. With so many brands out there advertising their screens, how can you even tell which is worth your time? Is this OLED or LED or what? The fact of the matter is that nobody wants to end up with a TV that isn’t quite perfect for them, so our team here at Gadget Guru has made some recommendations for those of you looking for the best of the best. All Samsung televisions have gorgeous 4K HDR displays with excellent color accuracy and contrast ratios in their LED models.

Vizio P55-F1

Vizio’s P55-F1 is one of the best 65-inch TVs we’ve tested and one of the few that would be worth shelling out over $1,000. It delivers an excellent balance of color, clarity, and brightness when watching HDR content. Plus, it features a nice design with thin borders and integrated mounts. The TV only comes in a 65-inch size.

For those looking for a better bang for their buck and don’t mind going up to 75 inches then consider the Vizio P65-F1. It offers many of the same features as the P55-F1 but with improved contrast ratios in certain scenes as well as more motion smoothing capabilities when viewed from off axis angles, making it our second favorite option this year.

If you’re looking for something bigger than the two options above, then the Sony XBR75X900F offers some very impressive picture quality at a fraction of the price you’ll find on other 4K TVs with similar specs. Its drawback is that it lacks support for Dolby Vision high dynamic range (HDR) technology, so you won’t get quite as rich colors or deep blacks if you watch Netflix or Amazon Prime video content that supports Dolby Vision HDR.

That said, this is still a great choice if your primary viewing focus are broadcast networks like NBC and CBS or streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video where support for Dolby Vision isn’t necessary.

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