The only Google Pixel 5 review you need to read

The only Google Pixel 5 review you need to read

When it comes to smartphones, Google has been on the outside looking in until recently. They’ve partnered with other companies to release phones under their Nexus brand, but with the new Pixel 5, Google stepped up and made their own phone entirely on their own terms. In this review of the Pixel 5, we’ll find out how they did. We’ll look at how good it is in comparison to its competitors and how easy it is to use, as well as several other factors that may help you decide whether or not it’s right for you or not.

 1) Highlights

  1. The Google Pixel 5 is a great phone for anyone looking for a high-quality Android device.
  2. It has a sharp and vibrant display, good battery life, and a great camera.
  3. The only downside is that it’s not as powerful as some of the other flagship phones on the market.
  4. But if you’re looking for a great all-around phone, the Pixel 5 is a great option.
  5. Plus, it’s priced at just $699, making it one of the most affordable flagships on the market.
  6. If you’re looking for a new phone, the Pixel 5 is definitely worth considering.

 2) Design

Design-wise, the Pixel 5 is a complete departure from the 4. It’s got a new hole-punch selfie camera, a dual rear camera setup, and a matte finish. The screen is also slightly smaller, coming in at 6.0 inches. But despite the changes, it’s still a very sleek and premium-looking phone. And while I don’t personally like having two cameras on the back of my phone, I can see how some people might prefer this approach for taking photos.

Plus, the bokeh effect is pretty good. Plus, they’ve managed to pack in an excellent speaker system that sounds louder than most other phones out there. On top of that, the camera app has been completely revamped with many more features than before. You’ll be able to capture slow motion video or take group selfies with ease now too.

3) Display & Performance

First and foremost, the display on the Pixel 5 is gorgeous. It’s an OLED panel with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 and a pixel density of 443ppi. It’s bright, colors are accurate, and viewing angles are great. Performance is snappy thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor and 8GB of RAM.

The phone doesn’t stutter or lag when opening apps or switching between them. I did notice some thermal throttling when gaming, but it didn’t affect gameplay too much. Overall, the Pixel 5 is a great performer.

 4) Camera

Google’s latest smartphone is the Pixel 5. The device has a 12.2-megapixel camera with an f/1.7 aperture and optical image stabilization. It also has a 16-megapixel ultrawide camera with an f/2.2 aperture. You can record 4K video at up to 60fps, and there’s a new Night Sight mode for low-light photography. Photos are detailed and have accurate colors.

Autofocus works quickly, too. The downside? Well, it takes some time to adjust white balance when switching between indoor and outdoor shots — but this problem isn’t unique to the Pixel 5. We liked that you could use gestures on the display to zoom in or out of photos after they were taken (though this did feel slightly awkward). As for night shots?

Not bad! Some reviewers found the Pixel 5’s camera oversaturated pictures, while others complained about its lack of a second rear-facing lens. On the other hand, we found it easy to get crisp photos without worrying about blurry edges or shakiness

the result was one of the best cameras we tested. And even though many phones these days offer fast face recognition unlocking systems, we still prefer typing in our password

instead of waiting for Face ID to work

5) Speakers

When it comes to high-end smartphones, the Google Pixel 5 is one of the best. It has a sleek design, a powerful camera, and an impressive display. Plus, it’s one of the most affordable phones on the market. If you’re in the market for a new phone this holiday season, then I highly recommend that you check out the Google Pixel 5. For just $649, you can get the Google Pixel 5 with 64GB of storage or 128GB of storage.

Compare that to other flagship smartphones like the iPhone XS Max which starts at $1,099! Sure, there are some drawbacks such as how big the Google Pixel 5 feels when using it single handedly, but overall this smartphone is fantastic. There are so many features that make up the Google Pixel 5 experience – take Night Sight mode for example.

You’ll be blown away by how clear and detailed your photos come out when using Night Sight mode in low light settings! Other features include AR stickers (so much fun), Incognito Mode (keeps your browsing activity private), Digital Wellbeing (monitors your time spent on apps), and Motion Auto Focus (auto-adjusts focus depending on what you’re shooting). If these features sound appealing to you, then do yourself a favor and buy the Google Pixel 5 today!

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