The Value of a Lego Set

Lego bricks are versatile building blocks that allow us to build almost anything; be it a tower, car or dinosaur! Lego Bricks provide us with an opportunity to use our imaginations while exercising our muscles.

Every LEGO element has a unique identification number which can be found on its underside and used to search specific pieces on websites such as Brickset, Brick Owl or Bricklink.


No matter if you are creating your first LEGO set from scratch or expanding an existing creation, there are numerous parts available from various suppliers like Bricklink to help make this task simpler and freer; please note however, some providers have minimum order values which you must be mindful of before ordering from them.

Bricklink (BL) – Bricklink is an online marketplace offering Lego elements, minifigures, and sets; often used by adult fan of lego (AFOLs) to “crack-link” as a form of addiction.

CSF: Classic Space Forum – an online community for fans of Lego space creations. Female Adult Fans of LEGO (FAFOLs), while AFFOLs represent adults interested in this hobby.

Plate is any element in Lego(r) which stands 1/3 the height of a brick and may feature plain or studded surfaces.

Losing Lego parts may seem unlikely, but accidents do happen. To reduce your risk, we advise keeping spare parts secure or buying replacements from Lego’s official website.


As part of building a LEGO set, it’s essential that elements are organized according to your preferences. This will make finding specific pieces easier when needed – perhaps by color or piece category (studs/plates for instance).

One of the best things about Lego piece 26047 is its freedom – there’s no set number or scale limitation when it comes to creating MOCs (my own creations)! You can design and construct entire models using just a handful of bricks!

If your Lego set has gone missing or been damaged, getting replacement instructions from them is easy and hassle-free. Simply visit their customer service page, enter its ID number and select “Building Instructions.” From there you’ll have access to both an online PDF version as well as physical copies.


Utilizing a Lego separator is an efficient and straightforward way to separate smaller Lego pieces without straining your fingers and saving both time and money by eliminating the need to search through an expansive bin for pieces that you need.

Many LEGO(r) builders begin by organizing their bricks by color. While this system works well initially, finding specific pieces may become increasingly challenging over time. If you lose one and cannot locate it again, contact LEGO customer service via email, phone call, or online chat and they’ll help find you one at an affordable cost.

Lego separators have two uses. On one end is perfect for prying tile pieces apart while their opposite side features a cross-shaped protrusion that pushes in studs or technic beams – an essential tool in any Lego enthusiast’s toolbox; additionally they’re an excellent way to unstick plates from studs that have stuck.


Collectors often evaluate Lego sets based on their individual parts and minifigures; rare Star Wars sets may fetch thousands of dollars, while some include historic or rare pieces; the Lego website provides information on which sets are most valuable based on theme or franchise.

Sets that contain more than 2,000 pieces typically command higher prices and also offer greater brick prices per set, which you can determine by dividing its total cost by its number of pieces.

When purchasing a Lego collection, look for unopened sets in excellent condition with no paperwork or heavy items, including paperwork for taxation purposes or items not related to Lego (such as paper towels or garbage bags). Also check for items unrelated to Lego such as paper towels or garbage bags. When searching online or through BrickLink directories you may also be able to find user groups organized around your area that provide helpful resources for Lego collectors.

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