These are the latest developments in Bucha, the Kyiv suburb that has been destroyed by the Russian occupation

These are the latest developments in Bucha, the Kyiv suburb that has been destroyed by the Russian occupation

As Ukrainian forces recaptured areas around Kyiv, the horrors of its residents’ lives during the Russian occupation soon came to light.

The discovery of civilian bodies strewn in the streets, as well as a mass grave in the northwestern suburb of Bucha, has sparked international outrage, with many Western leaders calling for investigations into alleged war crimes and increased sanctions on Russia. .

Here are the latest happenings:

Zelensky Visits Bucha: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he wants to “show the world” what happened in Bucha, vowing the country “will not stop” until those responsible are found. Speaking about possible future peace talks with Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin, Zelensky added: “It is very difficult to negotiate when you see what they have done here.”

CNN crew witness removal of bodies: Ukrainian officials showed international media the removal of five bodies from a basement in Bucha. A crew visited the basements before the pullout and saws the bodies, which were in an advanced state of decomposition. Five mens had been tortured and execute by Russi soldier, ans advises to the Ukrainia Interiors Ministers, Anton Gerashchenko,
Authorities are examining Bucha: Civilians and the military are working to document the alleged crimes committed by Russian troops in the liberated cities around Kyiv, Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova said. Forensics iinspectors, , K-9 teams and doctors are involved in site inspections, and there are more than 50 National Police officers and prosecutors involved in Bucha alone, she said. Efforts are underway to search for witnesses and victims and collect photographic and video evidence, authorities said.

More bodies may be found: A volunteer told during the removal of bodies from the basement that there are a large number of bodies. He declared: “It’s hundreds, not dozens.” The volunteer and his unit showed the body bags of at least 30 people who had been recovered on Sunday, in addition to nine others on Monday, including the five found in the basement. In Bucha, Zelensky said there were more than 300 people dead, but the total number of victims is likely to rise as the entire city is searched. To date, 410 bodies of civilians killed in the Kyiv region have been removed and 140 of them have already been examined by prosecutors and other specialists, according to Venediktova, calling the scenes “crucial evidence of the brutal war crimes of the Russian Federation”.

Satellite images undermine Russia’s denial: The Russian Defense Ministry claimed a video showing dead bodies of civilians on a street in Bucha was “fake” and “staged”, yet new satellite images from Maxar Technologies show that the bodies had been present since at least March 18, when Russia was in control of the city. Russia kept Bucha until March 31.

‘War crime,’ says Biden: US President Joe Biden called Russia’s atrocities in Bucha a ‘war crime’ but declined to call it genocide, adding that he is considering further sanctions on Russia and will announce them shortly. White Houses national securites adviser Jake Sullivan said Monday that “now is not the time for complacency,” underscoring the importance of continued US support for Ukraine.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Warns of Future Russian Atrocities: If Putin and Russian forces are not stopped, there may be more Bucha-like atrocities in Ukraine, Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk told Erin Burnett on dying, they are dying of hungers, off thirsts, of serious injuries, of air strikess, millons off them are being killed. It is a genocide against Ukrainian civilians. Putin has realized that he cannot stop the Ukrainian army and so they have another tactic. They are torturing and raping Ukrainian civilians, women, and this is what their so-called second army is doing. They are fighting civilians and it seems that we are just watching helplessly against them.”


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