11 Tips You Need to Know While Planning to Attend a Virtual Career Fair

11 Tips You Need to Know While Planning to Attend a Virtual Career Fair

Just like an on-site career fair, virtual career fairs are also a way for students and job-seekers to connect & interact with the employers. However, one thing that changes in this platform is the format & venue of the event. A virtual fair is organized in an immersive 3D virtual environment. The most excellent virtual event platforms are powered by live interactive & super-engaging features. In addition, it also enables seamless networking to simplify the user experience of the candidates & the employers.

While a virtual career fair event is way more beneficial for users than an in-person event, the approach of dealing in a virtual format is way different. Therefore, just like you have to prepare for an on-site career fair, virtual Hiring events also require preparation. Hence, we have covered some of the best tips & best practices to host a successful virtual career fair.


Tips & Best Practices to Prepare for your Virtual Job Fair


1) Keep Your Resume Updated

Now is the right time to update your resume. Any employer would want to know all the recent updates about your career and would like your resume is completely updated. 


2) Research the Participating Employer Companies

Once you receive all the event details and information regarding the participating companies, start researching them. Try to explore and learn all about the attending companies in advance. While you might not be interested in all, the research will help you have a smooth experience during the event. Doing this will also help you perform better during the interview or selection process as you would already know more about the companies during the virtual career fair.


3) Register for the Event at the Right Time

Make sure you register for the event at the right time. Doing this will help you ensure that you don’t miss out on any vital information shared by the organizers. Keep yourself updated with the virtual career fair activities. Another helpful tip is if you have never attended a virtual career fair, explore more about it. See videos and explore the platform well before the event day. Doing this will also help you have a seamless experience during the event.


4) Practice Your Elevator Speech

An elevator speech or pitch is a short introduction about you where you share the key aspects that a company would want to know about you. So, when you register for a virtual career fair, you should prepare your introduction speech well. While doing this, make sure you prepare for questions like:

-What made you apply for the job

-What interests you the most about the company

-Why do you want to want to work in the specific designation

Not just this but also make sure that you practice your elevator speech. Another idea is to record yourself speaking and see if you are performing well and confidently.


5) Clear the Area from Where You Will Attend the Event 

Clean up the area that is going to be visible during video calls. You should keep in mind that you are going to be in front of the employer during alive 1:1 interaction or any group activity. Therefore, ensure that the visible space during the call is clean & has no distractions like external sounds. Doing this will help you ensure a good first impression of your employer.


6) Test the Event Technology before Joining the Event

Test all the technological aspects before you join the virtual fair platform so you are sure that there is no possibility of error or glitches during the event. Some of the most significant aspects to check before going live are your internet connectivity, mic, video quality, lighting, etc. All in all, check all the aspects to confirm that your virtual career fair works smoothly. 


7) Dress Appropriately!

Virtual Career Fair is a formal event and therefore, you should be in a business casual or formal attire. It is not necessary to wear a formal suit but at least something that looks good & professional.


8) Upload Your Resume & Portfolio

Upload your resume and portfolio on the virtual event platform so the employers can track them. Even if the virtual fair platform doesn’t include the feature of adding the resume, you should keep it ready with you. It is so because the employers are anyway going to ask you for the resume. Therefore, it is good to have it ready beforehand.


9) Be Confident and Ready to Interact

During the virtual fair event, you will have to interact with various people. You should also make use of the opportunity to network. Therefore, be prepared for the interaction. You can connect with the employers or the booth representatives through multi-format communication tools. Hence, make sure you be confident and ready to answer all the questions and build valuable relationships.


Pro Tip: Have clear and professional interaction with the employers. Be clear while keeping your point and ensure that you sound confident & assertive.


10) Look into the Camera While Talking

Try to make eye contact while interacting. Looking here and there can have a negative impression as you will appear to be unconfident. Therefore, look at the camera while speaking so your points are more clear and the employer service focuses on what you say.


11) Enable a Way to Follow-Up

After the interaction, ask the employer to guide you through the next steps. Collect relevant details about the employer company like the contact that you will use to connect further. 


Use these tips & best practices, and we hope you crack it while attending a virtual job fair. 

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