Top Amazing Ways To Make Money Using Facebook Gaming Live Stream

Top Amazing Ways To Make Money Using Facebook Gaming Live Stream
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For the gamers who consider switching their gaming platform to Facebook, one biggest question can arise, What are the top amazing ways to make money using Facebook Gaming Live Stream.

And if you are one of them, don’t think of yourself as alone. After Microsoft shut down Mixer, its live-streaming platform, in July 2022 and announced its plan to transition its creators over to Facebook gaming, many big streamers found their new place on this platform. 

For Gamers, Facebook’s streaming platform is a good place to earn more money than Bigo live, Beam, HitBox, Youtube gaming, and other streaming channels. 

The gaming industry is worth $120, and the live video game streaming adds a growing slice. Streaming is a developing and growing community. And if the gaming industry were a country, it would definitely rank within the top hundred gross dominant products in the world.

This blog is a great place to find out the top amazing ways to make money using Facebook gaming live streams.

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How to make money using Facebook gaming live stream?

The gaming industry not only includes the people who buy video games to play for themselves.

 It also contains the subsets of people who watch the games played by others through streaming platforms and, in return, pay for them as a tip.

In January 2018, the biggest social media platform worldwide, Facebook, threw its hat in the ring as a video game streaming platform.

There are some creators who believe Facebook might be the best platform for streaming gaming content.

Top 10 amazing ways to make money using Facebook Gaming Live Stream

Here we will discuss 10 amazing ways to make money using Facebook Gaming.

Facebook Brand Collaborations

In your earlier Facebook gaming career, brand collaboration is a great way to make money. But don’t worry about the number of needed followers; it is smaller than other revenue streams on Facebook video.

When brands want to collaborate with you, it is advertising which can become an impressive and powerful way to generate huge income.

The only thing you need is the followers who watch your videos and do some comments on that video. 

Facebook Gaming Stars

If someone likes your stream, there is an option to give you stars. It’s like showing tips to the street performers. If you find their performance entertaining, you can provide some money as a tip. 

Stars on Facebook are equivalent to Bits on Twitch and Super Chat/ Stickers on Youtube. In simple and clear terms, Stars are Facebook’s on-platform currency that the viewers who watch a stream can give.

And these stars are equal to one cent. But to use those stars, you first have to buy them using the Facebook platform. 

Unfortunately, you have to purchase it at a higher rate than what it will be worth to the streamers.

Affiliate Marketing

For the streamers, partnering with an affiliate program belongs to one of the top amazing ways to make money through Facebook gaming live streaming.

If there is a product you use most of the time while streaming the game, then become a partner with those affiliate programs and ask them for the cut of those products they sell. And in return, you have to write all the details of that product in your page’s description box. Don’t forget to add the affiliate link to that product. 

So, you can get a good commission whenever your followers go through the link to buy an item

There are thousands of affiliate marketers out there. Find out the best one that suits well for you.


There is a chance of getting sponsorship opportunities for those who have a solid fan following. There are large companies out there who want to work with even smaller streamers.

The only basic requirement is to have abundant followers and good quality content. 

But before accepting sponsorships from any company, make sure you work with a company you like and the product that makes you proud to represent.

Also, small gaming streamers should take suggestions from expert streamers. They can suggest you for working with companies regarding whether their offering is best or just taking benefit from you.

And if you want to expand the fan following, there are numerous ways. But if your major concern is to make the Facebook Gaming Live stream popular, you have to get Facebook live stream viewers. For that, you can use social marketing services, which will also help you to get sponsors for your gaming page. 

Since they will pay you for endorsing their product, you can make a good among of money. It’s like a win-win deal. You can add a 30-sec small clip to your live stream where you can explain the piece of product you are using while doing the live stream.


Though the viewers are not allowed to do any kind of traditional donation using the Facebook app, streamers can create a donation system utilizing reliable 3rd-party programs such as Patreon or Streamlabs. Usually, these donations are hosted on either PayPal, OBS software, or both. 

To support your channel or donate, the viewers can click on the donation link, which will redirect them to the hub. There they can contribute to your PayPal account.

Patreon is the most popular donation platform used by most content creators. 

Facebook In-Stream Ads

Since the Ads are new to Facebook, they are available only for partnered streamers.

Facebook announces that it is planning to expand ad tools to more creators, so it is worthy for new gaming streamers to brush up on ads. It also said that they are working on a new upcoming ad program named Live Breaks. 

It allows the creator to trigger short ad rolls of 2 minutes, 90 seconds, and 1 minute. 

But at this time, it is not very clear whether the Level Up streamers can make the use of Live Break ads or are only restricted to Partners.

The page must have 30,000 views of one-minute length and 10,000 followers to be qualified for showing in-stream ads. And this rule is for a 3-minute long video.

Custom Merch

Merchandise is an essential revenue stream for those streamers who broadcast their live video content. And since Facebook has not mentioned any rules against selling your own products via streaming or normal video till this time, you can sell your Merchandise on the Facebook platform. But unlike Youtube, Facebook prohibits requesting engagement, and it is very important to follow Facebook guidelines.

The streaming platforms recognized this and offered users a lot of advice, giving them some useful tools to boost merch sales. And if you have your own streaming websites, you can promote your Merchandise there as well.

Cross-platform video

Another amazing way to make money on Facebook is to make extra use of your stream video. You can record the stream and can create videos from those recorded streams. And then upload it on your other channels.

For instance, Youtube has a huge amount of viewers. You can upload those stream videos on your youtube channels, which will help you to generate revenue. Also, you got new videos to upload to Youtube.

Host Tournaments or Special Events

For the Facebook streamers who have a huge fan base, hosting special events and tournaments can be a better idea to make money. 

Organize an event that requires some fee to join those events as an entry fee and limit the seats. As your loyal fans will participate in it, it will increase the engagement rate. 

Increase the charge fee depending on the number of your genuine followers. You can upload those live videos on other platforms. It will add excitement for the players to sign up for the next game event.

Facebook Gaming Supporters

Confused about these Facebook Gaming supporters?

Well! Facebook Gaming supporters are those viewers who will subscribe to your channel through your Facebook Gaming page. 

The subscription charge costs around $4.99/ month. But you can cancel that at any time you want. 

In return for supporting the channels, the genuine fans will get some motivation like exclusive content, support group, support badge, and custom stickers.

Exclusive content

There are multiple streamers out there posting great posts only for their supporters. 

The post might be an image, poll, or video. Not only that, the streamers occasionally broadcast their live video just for their supporters.

Supporter Group:

It is an online group that includes the people who support the streamer. 

Supporter badge:

The supporter badge is shown right next to their name while they do comments on your live videos and posts. The supporters can delete the badge at any time if they want.

Custom Stickers:

Custom Stickers are like emojis of other platforms. They are unique for every streamer, and you can also use them on your channel.


For Facebook monetization, you must require to meet the Facebook guidelines. And those guidelines include things such as not posting any offensive, illegal, derogatory, etc.

This article covers the top amazing ways to make money using Facebook Gaming live stream

But the main thing you have to focus on is improving the quality of content on Facebook. Because it will increase your followers, you can have a good amount of earnings. 

If there is still any confusion about what to do, you can comment down. We will be happy to help you out by replying to your answer.


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