Twitter introduced the “In Mention” feature in the chat for testing

Twitter introduced the "In Mention" feature in the chat for testing

People can add you to hashtags and other tweet threats on Twitter again and again and before that you had no choice but to get bored. Twitter has now begun testing Live In Mansion, a choice that could keep you out of the discussion.

Currently only a few users can view and use this option. These mansions simply mean that I should not be included. This option is similar to Unfollow in Facebook or Exit in WhatsApp. Under this option you will get these facilities.

The original tweet and its replies, then your name will be removed from the response to these replies.

No one will be able to add you to this tweet and you will be able to live in peace.

You will not receive any update notices for any updates and conversations.

This way the app will not accumulate a pile of tweets in your name and you will be able to engage in other useful activities. This is another Twitter option like Remove From Photos which is a useful option for busy ladies and gentlemen and Twitter users have been demanding it for a long time.

Twitter hinted at this in June last year. It was announced at the time that the unnecessary mansion option would be removed. That way no one will be able to maneuver you. In general, journalists also mention authoritative institutions and those in power in their tweets. So that they can read them and give an opinion. But sometimes there is a flood of tweets which can be termed as online pressure.

But in many countries it is also being used for hate speech, harassment and online harassment. In addition, Twitter has introduced the option to mute keywords and harassing users, which is being tested. After beta testing, it is expected that it will also be offered to the world.

In some countries, users bombard their tweets so that their posts reach far and wide. They may also have their own motives and negative tendencies. The Twitter company wants to promote its app, but it is also very strict in terms of ethics. 3

That is why the option of these machining is now being offered

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