Utility stores closed without ID cards

Utility stores closed without ID cards


The Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan has closed its doors without an identity card on the directive of the federal government.

According to the notification issued by the federal government, those who show ID cards will get groceries, and those who do not show ID cards will not be sold.

On the other hand, Bol News has found out that the reason why sugar is so expensive at utility stores is that utility stores have been selling sugar at Rs 94 per kg for 14 days without an identity card.

While sugar was being sold at Rs 90 per kg in the general market.

Utility Stores Corporation had purchased sugar at Rs 81.99 per kg through two tenders. The first tender was opened on March 27, 2022 and the second tender on April 4, 2022.

Utility stores canceled a tender to buy sugar at Rs 86 per kg in February 2022, due to which the tender for sugar was canceled due to market crash.

The tender could not be re-issued due to mismanagement of utility stores and in March, when the price of sugar ex-mills reached Rs.

Utility store officials in reply said that the tender was delayed due to PAPRA rules, tender for purchase of sugar was given to Rahim Yar Khan’s Sugar Mill, sugar became more expensive due to high transportation cost on delivery.

The next tender for sugar procurement will be opened on April 26, 2022, utility store officials said.

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