What are the Top Upcoming Events in Qatar 2022-23?

What are the Top Upcoming Events in Qatar
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Qatar is a place of rich culture and lots of traditional values. It is getting most of the spotlight because of the Upcoming events in Qatar. One of the events of prime importance is the FIFA World Cup 2022. Qatar has been preparing for it for years, and the time for it to start is near. Not just the FIFA Cup 2022 but many other events in Doha are of international importance as well. The details of all of those events are discussed below.

FIFA World Cup 2022

For the whole world and Qatar nationals, the FIFA world cup 2022 is essential. The event organized will be a massive success for Qatar. The FIFA world cup will also be one of the most significant events in Doha. The 2022 FIFA world cup will also start on November 20th and end with its final on December 18th. There will be a total of 32 teams playing. All of these teams have been divided into eight groups. The knockout will be played between the top 2 teams from each group. Following are the stadiums in which the games will be played in different cities of Qatar.

  • Lusail Iconic Stadium in Lusail
  • Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor
  • Stadium 974 in Doha
  • Al Thumama Stadium in Doha
  • Khalifa International Stadium in Al Rayan
  • Education City Stadium in Al Rayan
  • Ahmad bin Ali Stadium in Al Rayan
  • Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah

 Arcadia Electronic Music Festival 2022

For Qatar Nationals and immigrants, Arcadia Electronic Music Festival 2022 is of great importance. In collaboration with the supreme committee, Alchemy Project Entertainment came up with an event. This will be the Arcadia Electronic Music Festival.

More than 150 artists worldwide will be performing on the three iconic stages of Arcadia. It will be heaven for music lovers. The events will start on November 19th and end on December 19th.

SCWC- Upcoming events in Qatar

Another one of the events in Doha includes the Street Child World Cup Doha 2022. It is also termed SCWC. Right before the FIFA world cup 2022. There will be 28 teams from 24 countries who will be representing the street children at the street child world cup 2022. There will be 15 teams for the boys and 12 teams for the girls. These teams will be participating in an international tournament of Football. This special event is organized for street children—the festival of arts and a congress to champion the rights of underserved children worldwide.

This event will spotlight street children, which they require, and highlight their life problems and living situations. It will also showcase their talents to the world so they can live a more meaningful life with the help of a few kind people. In this event, their core demands include identity, protection from violence, gender equality, and access to education.

Daydream Festival 2022

The daydream festival is held every year in different parts of the world. Impressive EDM sets are used, and international artists are invited to perform magically. This year, this festival chose the location of Qatar. It will be happening during the FIFA 2022 world cup. It will be bigger and last for more days than ever before. There will be a magic lantern stage. The Daydream Festival in Qatar promises to take EDM fans on an extraordinary journey through a dreamy land to dance the nights away and live the best Daydream. The purpose is to give the DayDream festival and Football fans the best Daydream ever!

  • November 22nd on Tuesday
  • November 24th on Thursday
  • November 26th on Saturday
  • December 1st on Thursday
  • December 2nd on Friday
  • December 6th on Tuesday
  • December 10th on Saturday
  • December 14th Wednesday
  • December 18th on Sunday

ARAVIA by MDLBeast in Qatar 2022

The company of MDLBeast is all about entertainment rooted in the music culture. This is based in Saudi Arabia, but it is a global company. Its roots are Arabic. Their main priorities are Content, Talent, and production. You can have a great music experience at ARAVIA and enjoy the live DJ performances and Artists performing their best at Al Wakra. This is going to be one of the most significant events in Doha.

  • The show will be a 28-night-long event where almost 56 acts will be performed live, including the DJ and live music. Here are some of the details that you need to know about.
  • If you want to attend Aravia, you must be older than 18.
  • The zones and amenities available in the event include; washrooms, first aid, and a food & beverages zone.
  • The gates for the festival open at 8 pm and close at 2 am.
  • If you buy tickets to Aravia, you will not get access to a football match on the same ticket. Both are different events and require additional tickets.
  • The event’s starting time is November 21st and will end on December 18th.
  • The location for the event is Al Wakrah.

 Wrapping It Up!

The event organized in Qatar will be according to international standards. Qatar nationals, immigrants, and tourists can enjoy these festivals. Most of the events in Doha will be in high-class locations. If you are in Qatar because of the world cup, it is excellent because you can enjoy all these events when you have no matches to attend. Some of these events are of international importance, and many tourists will be coming to accompany them. All the details of these events have been mentioned above, like dates and locations. So, attend them and enjoy!

 Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked Questions.

Which upcoming event in Qatar holds global importance?

Most of them are international events, but the whole world has eyes on Qatar’s FIFA 2022 world cup.

Can tourists attend the national events of Qatar?

Yes, tourists can attend the national events of Qatar as well.

Which music festival is going to be huge in Qatar?

ARAVIA by MDLBeast in Qatar will mark history because of its back-to-back and continuous events in Qatar. It will be continued from November 21st till December 18th, 2022. If you want to enjoy it, you can buy tickets online.

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